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September 26, 2020
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5 TV Shows the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

As parents, I think we are always looking for tv shows that are entertaining, but also safe, to watch as a family. It can be difficult to sift through so many tv shows to find the good ones. Thus, this list will provide you with several tv shows that are the whole family can enjoy, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out!

Paw Patrol

Somewhat embarrassingly, I admit I have enjoyed watching it with my daughter. Maybe it’s because it makes her happy. Or maybe the storyline, while simple, is still interesting. Each episode begins with an adult who is in trouble and calls Ryder, who leads the Paw Patrol. The puppies all live together in Adventure Bay, and Ryder chooses which puppies will go out and help the adult in trouble. Chase is one of the members of the Paw Patrol, who is a German Shepard police dog and drives a police SUV. Marshall is a Dalmatian, who drives a red fire engine, and Rubble is a bulldog who wears a yellow construction hat and has a convertible dump truck, crane, and bulldozer. These are just some of the main characters. I believe this is a great show for preschoolers and presents some interesting storylines with positive role models.

Boss Baby: Back in Business

This is one show I can easily enjoy watching, and I think you will too if you haven’t watched it yet. This show is a follow up to the hit movie, Boss Baby, that was released in 2017. Thus far, there have been three seasons that have aired on Netflix, with another one to be released in September 2020. Generally, Boss Baby brings Tim into the company to help learn Baby Corp. In the first season, they battle a band of threatening cats, while in the second season, they are fighting against older people. In the third season, Boss Baby is fired, but eventually becomes the CEO of Baby Corp. This show is definitely one of the favorites and one I think adults can enjoy watching!


This is one of my all-time favorite shows! It’s considered to be a comedy-drama detective mystery series. Adrian Monk, the main character developed obsessive-compulsive disorder after the unsolved murder of his wife. He was a brilliant San Francisco detective, who eventually lost his job because of his psychological disorder. However, he continued to consult with the department to help solve crimes, but he did this with the help of his assistant and former boss.

The Simpsons

This show has been running since 1989 and has been very popular! I do remember watching this one with my family. This animated show depicts working-class life in the Simpson family, who live in Springfield, Illinois. The characters in this family include Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. This show has some fun and clever plot lines, but generally, Homer ends up undermining Marge and Lisa’s good intentions (Common Sense Media). Bart gets into trouble a lot, and Homer does a lot of falling asleep at Springfield’s nuclear plant.

If I were an Animal

This show can be found on Netflix, and it follows animals as they grow up into adulthood. If your child loves animals, this is definitely a must that you try this show out! It does help children gain some understanding of science and biology basics, so it has some educational value. This show does focus on different species such as cheetahs, hamsters, dogs, and gorillas.

Final Thoughts

There were a lot of shows that I could have also picked for this article, but these are the ones that stuck out the most. I hope this gives you some ideas on shows you can watch as a family. However, are there any shows you would definitely add to this list? If so, drop some in the comments.



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