• Devin Booker and the Suns aren’t going anywhere

    After falling short of a title despite a historic run, the Moss Point native is ready to get back to work.

    Devin Booker and the Suns aren't going anywhere

    Don’t get me wrong. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s NBA Finals Game 6 performance was absolutely incredible—so incredible that, in my opinion, it’s the best closeout performance in history. Nevertheless, this is a Mississippi publication, so we’re going to talk about the one Mississippian who played in this year’s NBA Finals: Devin Booker. Booker, a native of Moss […]

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  • Thunder’s, we hardly knew ye

    Thunder's Tavern

    Say it ain’t so. As I was traveling down South Market Street in Pascagoula a couple of weeks ago, something caught my eye: bulldozers were slamming into Thunder’s Tavern, surrounded by other heavy equipment and a team of workers in what appeared to be a demolition project. I did a double-take and drove back by.  […]

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  • Kayak Safety Course: Can you get back in your kayak after tipping?

    Could you get back in your kayak if it tipped over in open water? How should you dress for a day spent out kayaking? Which kind of kayak should you purchase? These were a couple of the questions posed to the participants at the American Canoe Association (ACA) Introduction to Kayaking and Kayak Safety class […]

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