Annual Soap Box Derby Rolls Through Moss Point

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Despite a wet start to the day, the 24th annual Deborah Washington Memorial Soap Box Derby was a success, with more than 30 competitors speeding across the finish line during the day-long event.
The race, held June 4 in Moss Point, was sponsored by the Chevron Black Employee Network (BEN) and Moss Point Active Citizens. The Chevron Enabled and PRIDE Networks also supported the event.
The Derby draws participants from across the Southeast and is open to children between the ages of 7 and 17 who build their cars from kits. Winners of the Moss Point divisions travel to Akron, Ohio to compete in the All-American Soap Box Championship.
More than 20 Refinery volunteers contributed to the success of the event by keeping the official heat times, hauling the derby cars from the finish line back to the start, positioning the cars on the starting ramp, and even handing out bottled water.
Thanks to Chevron volunteers Marissa Badenhorst, Kathy  Boyers, Bruce Chinn, Marcus Coleman, Allison Cook, Brian Cook (Bianca Cook), Larry Cooper, Micha Cumbest, Keith Delancey, Joelle Diamond, Mitch Ellerby, Kenny Erwin, Harold Finn, Alex Gardner, Vickie  Garner, Rayford Harris, Chuck  Howard, Cassie Inabinett, Marisa Jackson, VanLisa Jones, Faye Kea, Michael Kea, Nicole McBeath, Cheryl McLeod, Elyssa Okkelberg (Klaus Okkelberg), Kentrell Owens, Alice Robinson, Scotty Scott, Michael Seales, Alan Sudduth, and Regina Thompson.


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