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ANOTHER Five Rocking Gulf Coast Bands – Listen on Spotify – Part III

We have been sheltering in place for a while. It may not be easy, and it can be stressful. Let your mind take a break, and listen to some great local Mississippi talents. Here is a list of five rocking Gulf Coast bands. If you have not heard of these artists, take this chance. Links provided send you to

Jamell Richardson – the Gulf Coast Blues Boy. If you have seen Jamell play live, you understand his passion for performing. He lifts his audience out of their seats, and gets them dancing across the floor. It is always a pleasure to hear his music. Listen to, “I Love the Blues” by Jamell Richardson, the Gulf Coast Blues Boy. He and his band are Gulf Coast stars!

Don Smith – a quiet guy who sings with a roar. Upbeat with a 50’s flare, Don’s songs share stories of the coast, he sings from the heart. Recommended tracks are White Girl, Shipyard Song, and Moss Point. On Moss Point, he sings, “If you are looking for me, Most Point is where I’ll be.” Don is a true local Jackson County artist, born in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Thomas Jackson – a folk musician and artist from Plantersville, MS. Thomas is always creating new artwork, and singing his original story-telling songs. Highly recommended is the entire Bridgeburner album. Thomas has recently been posting live sets on Facebook. Follow him on Facebook, and check him out.

Magnolia Bayou – a hard rocking, hardworking local favorite, I’m sure many of you have seen them jamming at the popular Blues joints around the coast. A dynamic rock sound, led by the vocals of Andrew Fulton, and lead guitar of Dylan Palmiero. Their album recorded in New Orleans is a thrill ride. Magnolia Bayou is a Mississippi stand out.

Blue Mother Tupelo – a husband wife team, members Micol and Ricky, have been making music together for 25 years. And, what beautiful music it is. Their sounds are a melding of so many styles, with their seasoned talents providing a passionate mix that begs to be heard. With so many albums, start with Only Sunshine, and keep listening.

Favorite Local Mississippi Musicians to stream online.

So, no excuses relax and enjoy a few of these rocking Gulf Coast bands. Then, count the days when you can see them all live at one of your favorite local joints. All these musicians have music streaming online. Check Facebook, Youtube, you’ll easily find them to listen.


Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

Enjoy more gulf coast entertainment and stories @ Mississippi Hot Entertainment on Facebook. Be happy!


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