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Bacot McCarty Makes an Impact for Family Fun

aquatic centerThe new H20 and Beyond Aquatic Center in Pascagoula is focused on pool-time fun while also thinking about the safety of all who swim there and being able to grow what they offer the local community. According to Tyler Sexton, local physician and owner of the H20 and Beyond Aquatic Center, many of the pool’s guests identified the need of having life vests for both children and adults who want to visit the pool while learning how to swim. After renovating and remodeling the aquatic center, Sexton wasn’t sure how this was going to happen financially, but said that the Bacot McCarty Foundation stepped in to donate more than 20 new life vests of all sizes.

“It really makes a statement that Bacot McCarty cares, that we care and this community cares about family fun,” he said, adding that the donation was a huge blessing for their company and the community members who swim there.

Sexton said that they want everyone in the community to feel comfortable coming to the aquatic center and to feel safe, so they wanted to do what they could to provide this extra level of safety that had been requested. He said they also have an ADA compliant pool lifts installed as well as certified lifeguards

“We want kids to have fun and we want parents to have fun no matter the circumstances,” he said. “We at H20 and Beyond Aquatic Center really strive to be something of a community, family area for Pascagoula.”

Beyond adding the life vests, Sexton has other plans for the future of the aquatic center, including opening an arcade in the lot next door, having motor boat races and off-season events, allowing swim teams to practice there and possibly even hosting swim meets and swim lessons. Eventually, he hopes the place can stay open year-round.

“The more people come and swim the more things we can provide,” he said. “I know what this used to be. It was an epicenter for families and the community. I want to bring that back.”

H20 offers birthday parties and other types of event booking. They offer a membership for $35 a month, but the membership is not required and anyone can swim for $5 a day.

Learn more about H20 at or find them on Facebook.


Written by Lindsay Mott

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