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Battle of Buffet Beach Draws From All Around

This year’s Battle on Buffett Beach, a fast-growing obstacle course racing (OCR) event in Pascagoula, took place on November 17 on the city’s appropriately named beachfront. As I found out from a personal standpoint, folks come from far and wide to participate.

The recent Battle was the third annual contest, and attracted over 300 participants from throughout the region. One of those was Pam Earles, my wife Mary Jon’s cousin, who lives in Wesson, Mississippi. She and her friend Sandie came and stayed with us the night before the event, which allowed them to have just a one block walk to the beach bright and early the next morning.

battle of buffett beach“I’ve been entering these competitions for about a year and a half now,” said Pam. “I think I’ve done ten at this point. They’re tough, but the training is good for you, and I love the events.”

Yeah, I’d say she likes these events. Competing in the elite group, Pam won her age division (garnering a cool Landshark trophy), covering the brutal 5K track in 50:38. She was tired afterwards, but exhilarated and understandably pumped up.

“This is a very well put together event,” said Pam. “The course is challenging but doable, which is what you want. The sand is tough, but, hey, these deals aren’t supposed to be easy.

“You’re on a beautiful beach looking out over the Gulf—what better place to have one of these courses. Plus, we had such a good time renewing acquaintances and making new friends. We just had the best time, and we’ll definitely be back.”

The Battle on Buffett beach was originally the brainchild of Darcie Crew, then the City of Pascagoula’s Recreation Director, now doing the same job for Jackson County. This year’s event was chaired by Vincent Jackson. Jamey Foster, and Jimmy Krebs, who led a hard-working group of volunteers and gathered 24 local sponsors. This group partnered with a City team including Events Coordinator Taylor Sublett, PR Coordinator Caroline Bishop, and Communications Director Lauri-Ellen Smith to pull off this massive project.

I speak for many when I say the Battle on Buffett Beach is a very positive event for our community. Pascagoula and the surrounding area have so much to offer, and it’s a fulfilling moment when we are able to show off what we have here by presenting such an attractive competition.

Because of Pam being involved, I went and joined a huge crowd to watch the whole event. Man, do these folks get after it. As several of my contemporaries and I chuckled together, “yeah, we’ll do this next year—but if we’re not there at the beginning, go ahead and start without us”.

So, the Battle on Buffett Beach was a very good day for Pascagoula. Plus, I got to visit with my cousin-in-law, a delightful (and athletic) lady from Southwest Mississippi who will be back next year. The event itself will only get stronger, and I can just hear the beach’s namesake, native son Jimmy, approving with one of his trademark calls of “All Right!”

Richard Lucas may be contacted at [email protected].

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