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Bozo’s 2.5: Pascagoula Seafood Market and Restaurant to Add New Addition

Bozo's 2.5, new addition.

Serving up some of the finest fresh seafood and signature seasonings, Bozo’s Seafood Market and Deli has been a staple of Pascagoula for over 60 years. Having become a popular tourist attraction and a local favorite, people worldwide know about Bozo’s, and for a good reason — it’s absolutely delicious. 

Bozos Too is a bustling restaurant behind the original Bozo’s. What’s different about Bozo’s Too is it’s a sit-down restaurant with an outdoor area. Currently, the restaurant holds about 65 hungry people and serves everything from steaks to shrimp po’boys.

Keith Delcambre, the owner of Bozo’s Seafood, recently announced an addition to Bozo’s Too, saying, “It’s not exactly Bozo’s Three. I like to call it Bozo’s 2.5. We’re still looking for number three.” 

The addition is a spin-off of Bozo’s Too and will include a bar and chargrilled oysters. “People will be able to watch us shuck and grill oysters, so that will be something neat to add to the Bozo’s experience,” Delcambre shared. 

Keeping it simple with favorite Bozo’s menu staples like po-boys, oyster and shrimp baskets, hamburgers, crawfish nachos, and appetizers, Bozo’s 2.5 will now seat about 150 people. 

Guests can also enjoy a new deck partly covered and partly open-air, with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. 

The new addition to Bozo’s is expected to open on April 1, and Delcambre promised it will undoubtedly have the same Bozo’s feel and taste that everybody loves. “We don’t ever want to lose that,” he said. 



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