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Business of the Week: The HannaBerry Workshop

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Ocean Springs – The HannaBerry Workshop is a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication studio, founded in Jackson, MS by collaborative artisan team – Sarah Qarqish and Morgan Welch. Since first opening their doors in 2013, the two artists have focused on creating fine art and furniture by blending fresh new ideas and technology with traditional design and fabrication practices. The Workshop also dabbles in graphic design, architecture, cabinetry, interiors and signage; all of which can be customized to suit your need or preferences.

Recently adding “husband and wife” to their list of partnerships, the design duo says the success of their business is a direct result of teamwork and good communication. “Everything that comes out of our studio has been created by the both of us,” says Morgan. “Usually our best work is a result of Sarah having a crazy idea that I have to engineer; and then we work together to make it a reality.” Depending on the scale of the project, the team will spend anywhere from several days to several weeks in the shop; researching, sketching, and gathering the materials needed in order to begin fabrication. Any number of techniques may be used during the production of a HannaBerry design – utilizing new, cutting-edge technology, as well as century-old techniques in order to perfect their heirloom quality works of art. As with most artists – and married couples – Sarah and Morgan approach their work and design processes from very different perspectives.

Not always see eye-to-eye, the pair says they have had to learn to embrace each other’s passions when collaborating on a new piece together. “We both know utilizing each other’s strengths and being aware of each other’s weaknesses is essential in keeping things running smoothly,” said Sarah. “Where we end up when we meet in the middle; that’s when we know we’ve created something special.”

As frequent visitors of Ocean Springs, Sarah and Morgan have always felt a pull to the area; a “calling from the coast” one may say. When it could no longer be ignored, they finally decided to answer that call and relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to expand their studio/workshop. The couple has been beyond grateful for the wonderful reception they’ve received from both the creative community and the public. It didn’t take long for the pair to connect with other local artists and designers, providing them the opportunity to collaborate on several projects designed for the public here on the coast.

“The organic designs and patterns we create within our art and furniture seem to really fit the coastal atmosphere here. Our work has often been described as having a shell-like design, so we have had fun exploring the idea of our furniture being out in public places here in town,” said Sarah. “We’re excited about the impact living on the coast could have on our life and work… we’re just getting started here!”

Learn more about The HannaBerry Workshop here!

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