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Business Spotlight: Empress Audio & Marine

Making Jackson County sound good for over 40 years!

Empress Audio & Marine has been a fixture in Jackson County for so long that Floyd Seal remembers a time when the company was installing car radios with 8-tracks.
Now, 44 years later, the company’s President and CEO points out that the audio systems available for cars and boats are as advanced as the technology his customers  carry around in their pockets and purses every day.

Empress Audio & Marine in Pascagoula

“Now we’re installing radios that interface with your iPhone or Android smartphone,” Seal said.
Even better for consumers is that the slick sound systems aren’t just limited to the roadways anymore. More and more of them are making some major noise on the waters via boats and jet skis.
Seal, a self-described boating enthusiast, says audio systems in watercraft are gaining in popularity and sophistication, with options to add subwoofers and amplifiers, in the same way car audio systems took off in the 1980s. Empress, with its locations in Pascagoula and Gulfport, is in a prime spot to take advantage of the growth potential, Seal said.

“There’s enough people that enjoy music, love music, appreciate good music, and they want to hear their music. What better place to hear good music than on your boat?” Seal said.
The local business has been ranked nationally among the top 50 mobile electronics retailers by Mobile Electronics Retailer Magazine.
Seal’s advice for anyone thinking of starting a business in Jackson County is to act as if the business has a relationship with the customer. Taking care of the customer can lead to future business for decades down the road.

“Jackson County is made of some really good people. They’re very loyal,” Seal explained. “I have customers now that are my age. They had their stereos put in by Empress. Their kids had their stereos put in by Empress, and now we’re doing it for their grandkids.”


Written by Amber Mason


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