Chevron Donation to Provide Magnolia Middle School Students with Lifesaving CPR Skills


Moss Point, MS. – Chevron is helping to prepare the next generation of lifesavers by funding a CPR in Schools Training Kit that will train Magnolia Middle School students and their families. With the donation, Magnolia Middle School becomes the first middle school on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to have a CPR in Schools kit available to train students in lifesaving CPR skills.


More than 400,000 people suffer out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest each year. The American Heart Association is working to improve this number. Change starts with helping people feel more confident in their abilities during an emergency situation. The Chevron donation will train thousands in the Moss Point community with the skills needed to respond.  


Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in the U.S. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone – even young people. It is most often caused by a heart attack, but it can also be caused by trauma, an overdose or drowning. In sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating; blood stops circulating; oxygen stops flowing to the brain; and the victim stops breathing. When bystander CPR is immediately preformed, a victim’s survival rate can double or even triple. Unfortunately, only 41 percent of people who experience a cardiac arrest at home, work or in public get the immediate help they need before emergency services arrive.


Studies have shown that students are capable of learning and effectively performing CPR. It has also shown that trainees, including students of 12 years or older, can achieve acceptable levels of proficiency in hands-on CPR in 30 minutes or less. By teaching CPR to middle school students a new generation of lifesavers is created. These CPR in Schools Training Kits will teach thousands of students the skills that they can use should they find someone in an emergency situation.


The CPR in Schools Training Kit empowers students to learn the core skills of CPR in under 30 minutes, and it teaches AED skills and choking relief. The easy-to-use kit is designed specifically for the needs of school educators. It’s portable, allowing for convenient movement from classroom to classroom and easy storage. It’s also reusable. The CPR in Schools Training Kit was developed by the American Heart Association and incorporates the very latest science.


The CPR in Schools Training Kit includes everything teachers need to properly educate students: an instructional video, facilitator’s guide, mannequins and a mannequin pump, knee pads, replacement parts and sanitizer.


“Nationally, each hour 38 people experience a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital setting and, tragically nine out of 10 will not survive,” says Christin Leboeuf, American Heart Association Regional Vice President. “The simple act of CPR can transform health outcomes for our community. We are thankful for the support of Chevron Rehabilitation Hospital.”


National CPR Week is June 1-7, and the Chevron CPR in Schools kit provides a timely reminder to learn Hands-Only CPR. It’s quick and effective, and can be learned by almost anyone. For more information about the CPR in Schools Training Kits visit



Written by AmerHeartAssoc

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