Ciara’s Pet Grooming Now Open in Gautier

Let’s welcome another business entrepreneur to the Gautier area. Ciara Barthlett has opened her own pet grooming store, Ciara’s Pet Grooming located at 815 Hwy 90. Opening on December 6th, Barthlett states she chose Gautier and her location because it is easy for everyone to get to and she loves the community.

Pictured above with Cletus, one of her favorite dog customers. Barthlett also grooms cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals. Just give her a call at (228)497-7840 to discuss the unique needs of your pet.

Barthlett chose pet grooming as her career because of an intense love for animals. This is her fifth year grooming and states, “It makes me feel good when the animals love coming to see me and seeing the before and after, making them look beautiful and well cared for.”

Some pet parents don’t realize just how important it is to have your pet groomed regularly. Barthlett does.

“It is very important for the pet just like humans to shower and brush,” she explains. “It conditions their skin and especially for longer hair animals, it prevents matting which can causes problem with circulation. Trimming the nails is also very important as it helps the animal walk easier and keeps the nails from growing into the paws.”

There are many services available at Ciara’s: hair cutting, nail trimming, baths, brushing, drying, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal glands, dying, and deshead treatments.  All of her pet customers leave glowing and feeling better with added extras such as a bandana or bow. Her shop also has other pet care items for purchase and she hopes to grow her inventory.

Most pet parents leave their dogs and come back after the appointment; however, Barthlett says it is perfectly fine if you want to stay with your pet!

Appointments are preferred, but if you have a sudden issue, just give Barthlett a call and she will work with you to get your pet taken care of.

Barthlett feels and treats like every one of her pet customers like it’s her own! You can see many of my before and after works on their Facebook page.

Barthlett has started off on a great foot in the Gautier community, but her ultimate goal is to keep growing and adding to her business.


Written by Brenda Lewis

Brenda Lewis is a native of Jackson County. She has attended the University of Southern Mississippi on numerous occasions, earning a BS in Architectural Technology, advanced studies in Accounting and now on a mission to finalize her Masters of Business Administration.
Brenda is an avid fisherwoman, owns her own boat, baits her own hook, cleans her own fish and cooks them. But sorry guys, she has a loving husband, daughter and 4 grandchildren. When unable to fish her spare time is spent in the greenhouse and garden, supplying fresh edibles for the family and cultivating local species and rarities.
In 2007 her team was awarded the 2007 Golden Eagle Challenge from the University of Southern Mississippi. The challenge was to create the best business plan and presentation of a viable technological business. In 2015 she was certified as a TapRoot Cause Analyst, a system used to improve performance, fixing small problems to avoid major incidents.
Having worked in a small family business since childhood she was exposed to entrepreneurship. That experience led her to her own business, tax preparation, where she served her loyal clients for 10 years. During that time, she earned the Enrolled Agent certification with the IRS, and insurance and security licenses, offering additional services to her clients.
Her employment has been in private business, government, contract and corporate settings. Mostly in management, her tasks included a variety of administrative, safety, Quality control and human resources.
“The reason I want to write for OurMsHome is I have experienced the advancements in Jackson County first hand over the past 50 years, and I feel that the county has made enormous progress. We need to ‘toot our horn’ and let the world know about our rich history and abundant natural resources.”


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