Coast Authors Reaching a Global Audience

Are you living your Faith Out Loud? That is the question local publisher and editor Dorothy P. Wilson is asking in her newest project, Faith Inspiration. Wilson says the Faith Inspiration Project’s aim is to impassion others to do more to transform the lives of others. The project will contain a book called Live Your Faith Out Loud, a video series, blog posts, and a small group discussion guide. Live Your Faith Out Loud will be released on April 15th and features 32 compelling stories that will motivate readers to live their beliefs by loving people actively and uncompromisingly every day.

Wilson has worked in the media business for over 30-years and is no stranger to releasing transformational projects. Her past projects include the New York Times bestseller Katrina: 8 Hours That Changed the Mississippi Gulf Coast Forever, Little Book of Weapons: How to Defeat Your Giants, and the Amazon-bestseller Unboxed: 25 Women Share How to Break Free & Soar. She is a continually active member in our local community and has been named a Small Business Administration Women Business Champion, one of the most influential African Americans in the state of Mississippi, and a Top 10 Woman Business Owner by the National Association of Women Business Owners. She has been recognized with the Pat Santucci Spirit of the Coast Award, the One Coast Community Leader Award, the Mental Health Association Humanitarian of the Year Award, and the Tom Tandler Lifetime Achievement Award for community service.

Now, Wilson is taking her love for God and her community into a collaboration with 32 other authors to begin a movement—a movement to encourage others to live their faith out loud. Together, they are taking their faith outside the church walls and translating it into platforms, encouraging others to do likewise. The project draws on the voices of everyday people who have lived their faith in extraordinary ways and dream of impacting the world with their testimony.

This team of visionaries, who represent 10 states, but are mostly located here in south Mississippi is confident that by sharing their stories and being transparent with their struggles, they will inspire others. Wilson says her vision is to send softcover and ebook copies of the book across the globe, impacting far beyond our three coastal counties. A movement started here in our backyard will affect the lives of countless others elsewhere.

To learn more about the project or to pre-order a copy of Live Your Faith Out Loud, visit or email [email protected]


Written by Jessica Rankin

I am a married mother of two rambunctious boys. For over a decade I worked in Marine Resources as a Fisheries Biologist and recently changed career directions to follow my dream of owning my own business. I am now the Owner of The Safe Food Culture LLC a consulting business specializing in food safety regulatory and training. It’s my goal to support businesses in creating cultures rooted in safe food practices. For more information please visit:

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