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Creativity Meets Education at Popp’s Ferry Elementary in Biloxi

Education takes on a different look at this Title One School in Biloxi as they put on a Lights, Art, and Music Extravaganza. Popp’s Ferry Elementary takes a fresh approach to involving kids and parents in education with a special drive-by evening of music and art. Innovative and interactive, this one-night event highlights the work of students at the school and allows parents to see the student’s achievements.

On February 25, starting at 6 pm —

The car riders line will provide the runway to view the free show. Billed as an Extravaganza, education meets entertainment, this is a visual party from a safe distance. No visitors have been allowed on school property due to Covid-19 restrictions, so this is a safe, fun way for parents to participate in their children’s education.

Hosted by Mrs. Selina Coakley and Ms. Brandi Hoxie, the music and art teachers, drivers can expect to be treated to music videos from students on screens, creative art on display, blacklight visuals as well as a few surprises. Individual flashlights are not needed, but if you have one to bring it will enhance the show.

“Our goal is to provide students and their families a fun and safe way to celebrate the arts,” states Ms. Hoxie Art Teacher.

Lights, Art, and Music Extravaganza for kids and parents.

With so much not happening due to social distancing and Covid-19 rules, this outdoor educational event is a nice way to celebrate the hard work of Biloxi students, Kindergarten through 4th Grade. “Art and music play a huge role in teaching us about cultures,” states Mrs. Coakley Music Teacher. “Having an education that includes the arts is extremely important for our students. Teaching during a pandemic presents challenges. Technology has taken a huge leap in my classroom with interactive music, games, and teaching virtually. Music and the arts should be a joyful experience.”

The Extravaganza is an extension of everyday day classroom work. Educational innovation and hard work last all year long at Popp’s Ferry Elementary in Biloxi, Mississippi.

WHERE:      Popp’s Ferry Elementary School in Biloxi, MS

WHEN:        February 25th, 2021 – Starting at 6 pm



Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

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