Crusin’ the Coast Event Calendar by City

The coast enjoyed a modified, successful version of Cruisin' the Coast in October 2020

A city by city rundown of events

All events are October 4 – 11th, 2020

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4 – 233 North Beach Boulevard, map at

8 am – Brandie, 1 pm Gary Wesley, 3 pm Vince Vance & The Valiants



6 – Margaritaville Cruise-in 11 am

7 – Vicari Auto Auction at Coast Coliseum 9 am

7 – Car Corral 9 am east of Treasure Bay Casino

7 – Biloxi Block Party, Town Green, 10 am

8 – Vicari Auto Auction 9am

8 – CTC Swap Meet, Coast Coliseum 9 am

8 – DoubleTree Hotel Biloxi Cruise In 6 pm

8 – Edgewater Mall – 11 am Figure Eight, 1 pm Razzo, 3 pm 2 Hypnotic

9 – Vicari Auto Auction 9 am

9 – CTC Swap Meet 9 am

9 – Car Corall 9 am

9 – Edgewater Mall  – Charles Grant at noon, The Martini Shakerz at 1 pm, The Chee Weez at 3 pm

10 – Vicari Auto Auction, CTC Swap Meet, Car Corral

10 – Edgewater Mall – N Rhythm at noon, Gary Wesley at 1, Almost Skynard at 3

11- Non-denominational prayer service 8 am

11 – 9 am Cruisin’ The Coast Finale Ceremonies, Gene Oswalt Volunteer of the Year Award. Announcements of the winners of Cash Drawings, Make-A-Wish Raffle Car Giveaway and unveiling of the 2021 Raffle Vehicle

11 – Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster 10 am



7 – Blessing of the Classics 3 pm, for more info:



8 –  Civic Center – 11 am Charles Grant, 1 pm Martini Shakerz, 3 pm Almost Skynard, 5 pm Harvey Jesus & Fire Band

10 – Charles Grant at noon, Magic at 1 pm, Unfazed Band at 3 pm



4 – Singing River Mall Property, 2800 Hwy 90 – Cruisin’ Through the Decades at 4 pm, drive-in viewing of “Grease” at 6:30 pm, TV host Cristy Lee will be appearing.  Gift bags for first 250 Cruisers.

Please practice social distancing



4 – View the Cruise (Downtown Gulfport 8 am), Cruise-In at Hardy Court Shopping Center 9am, appearances by Christy Lee 10 am

5 – Cruise the Coast registration 11 am for last names A-K at Cruise Central, Centennial Plaza.

5 – Autocross at Coast Coliseum west parking lot, 1 pm

5 – Cristy Lee at Centennial Plaza at 10 am

6 – Registration 9 am for last names L-Z at Cruise Central

6 – Autocross at Coast Coliseum west parking lot 9 am

6 – Salute to Our Veterans at Cruise Central with Gary Wesley 10 am

8 – Tessa 11 am, Barlow Brothers, 1 pm, D Play 3 pm

9 – Brandi at noon, Barlow Brothers at 1 pm, Na Na Sha at 3 pm

10 – Cruise Central, Figure Eight at 11 am, Cool Rayz at 1 pm, Vince Vance & The Valiants 3 pm



5 – Cruisers parade, line up at 1 pm Long Beach High School starts at 5:30 pm (no throws please) ending at Long Beach Harbor with music by the Tip Tops 6 pm

8 – Country Cruisin’ Breakfast, Long Beach Yacht Club 7  am.

9 – Country Cruisin’ Breakfast, Long Beach Yacht Club 7 am

10 – Country Cruisin’ Breakfast, Long Beach Yacht Club 7 am



6 – Cruisin’ The River City 10 am,  River party



8, 9, 10 – Car registration at 9:00 a.m.

8 –  Downtown Ocean Springs 11 am – N Rhythm, 1 pm, Cool Rayz, 3 pm The Tip Tops

9 – Downtown Ocean Springs  – “Chick’s & Picks” contest, girls in poodle skirts will be looking for the best ride.  Winner gets $200.  Winner announced at the Main Stage (located at Rosetti Park, off of Church and Cox Streets) at 6:30 p.m.

Meantime enjoy the Music Unfazed Band at 5:30 and The Molly Ringwalds at 7:15.

11 – 5 pm Sock Hop and Street Party

10 – Downtown – Brandi at noon, Razzoo at 1 pm, Na Na Sha at 3 pm



8 – 10 ,  9 am daily at Beach Park, local food and beverage vendors, special routes for cruisers and golf carts can be viewed at—Goula-Cruise

Handwashing stations will be placed around the park, social distancing is encouraged along with Mask-wearing.

8 – 11 am  Deuce Coup, 1 pm Magic, 3pm Na Na Sha, DJ JoJo

9 -11 am N Rhythm, 1 pm Gary Wesley, 3 pm The Tip Tops

10 – 11 am Tessa, 1 pm Modern Eldorados, 3 pm 2 Hypnotic



8 – Roland Cobbs 11 am, Modern Eldorados 1 pm, The Chee Weez 3 pm

9 – Tessa at 11 am, Cool Rayz at 1 pm, 2 Hypnotic at 3 pm

10 –Deuce Coup at noon, The Martini Shakers at 1 pm, Dr. Zarr’s Amazing Funk Monster at


Written by Brenda Lewis

Brenda Lewis is a native of Jackson County. She has attended the University of Southern Mississippi on numerous occasions, earning a BS in Architectural Technology, advanced studies in Accounting and now on a mission to finalize her Masters of Business Administration.
Brenda is an avid fisherwoman, owns her own boat, baits her own hook, cleans her own fish and cooks them. But sorry guys, she has a loving husband, daughter and 4 grandchildren. When unable to fish her spare time is spent in the greenhouse and garden, supplying fresh edibles for the family and cultivating local species and rarities.
In 2007 her team was awarded the 2007 Golden Eagle Challenge from the University of Southern Mississippi. The challenge was to create the best business plan and presentation of a viable technological business. In 2015 she was certified as a TapRoot Cause Analyst, a system used to improve performance, fixing small problems to avoid major incidents.
Having worked in a small family business since childhood she was exposed to entrepreneurship. That experience led her to her own business, tax preparation, where she served her loyal clients for 10 years. During that time, she earned the Enrolled Agent certification with the IRS, and insurance and security licenses, offering additional services to her clients.
Her employment has been in private business, government, contract and corporate settings. Mostly in management, her tasks included a variety of administrative, safety, Quality control and human resources.
“The reason I want to write for OurMsHome is I have experienced the advancements in Jackson County first hand over the past 50 years, and I feel that the county has made enormous progress. We need to ‘toot our horn’ and let the world know about our rich history and abundant natural resources.”


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