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Everybody Loves Lincoln, Pascagoula’s Famous Fry Cook

If you’ve been to Bozo’s Seafood Market and Deli in Pascagoula, chances are you’ve had some delicious food prepared by Lincoln Phelps, a premier fry cook and local celebrity on the coast.

Phelps has been the head cook at Bozo’s for 17 years now.

“I came on vacation in 2004 with my sister, and I’m still here,” he said, “I love it.”

Originally from New York, the beloved cook has seen his fair share of ups and downs and even shared that he was homeless at one point before moving to Mississippi.

“I got back up on my feet by myself, and I’ve been going ever since. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.”

When Phelps arrived in Pascagoula in 2005 years ago, he worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a little while and then met Keith Delcambre, owner of Bozo’s Grocery. Phelps has cooked for Bozo’s ever since.

Lincoln Phelps (L) and Keith Delcambre (R)

“Keith calls me the chef without paperwork, and I just want to say thank you for everything to Keith and his family for inviting me to work here and showing me how to run the ropes,” Phelps shared.

It is not uncommon for locals and visitors alike to call Bozo’s and ask, “Hey, who is cooking today?” And when they hear it’s Lincoln, they fill up the tables fast. “Everyone thinks it’s hard, but I just do what I do and get it done.”

Bozo’s has been around for several years, 66 to be exact, and has become a popular tourist attraction and a local favorite. “People from all over the world know about Bozo’s, just last week, we had guests from Germany and Australia, and they asked for me,” Phelps said.

Phelps loves to cook on the grill, but everything he makes is top-notch, and he loves to see customers enjoying their meals. “It’s always nice to see everybody. They all know me, and I know them.”

“Everybody here is family. Pascagoula people are nice, and calm, and they know what they’re talking about. We’re a seafood city, and I’m grateful to be here,” Phelps said.

Pascagoula is grateful Lincoln Phelps is here too.



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