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The fabulous “FabLab” comes to Jackson County schools

Jackson County schools will now have access a new mobile unit offering high tech tools. The $1.2 million dollar project is sponsored by Chevron Pascagoula Refinery. “FabLab” manager Scott Bebee explains, “FabLab is a mobile engineering lab that brings tools to students in our community particularly in three different attendance centers. We provide tools to the community like sewing machines, laser engravers, wood routers, vinyl cutters, and 3D printers which helps teachers and students bring their projects to life.”

The “FabLab” has trained about 30 ambassador teachers this summer so far to operate the high tech tools and capabilities of the mobile unit. “That’s about two people per school,” explains Beebee.

The goal of the “FabLab” is to allow students to see in real time how their projects develop, and encourage interest in the engineering field.


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