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Family Matters in the Magnolia State

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Boasting countless stunning parks, beautiful beaches, endless outdoor recreation, history, and a culture centered on people and hospitality, there are so many options for family-oriented activities in the Magnolia State.

It’s almost the new year, and that means new goals for everyone. Along with the traditional goals that tend to center around health and fitness, finances, and personal bucket lists — this year, be sure to add family engagement to the list.

In a world where everyone is constantly accessible through technology, we often unintentionally make ourselves inaccessible to those we care for the most. This year, make family time a priority through small, simple ways that will take just a few moments.

Give the Gift of Time

Gifts are nice, but they often break or fade over time. Time creates memories and those are priceless. Spend time with loved ones often, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, a board game, or a family dinner. Those moments matter and will have lasting, positive effects.

Goal Setters

Since it’s a time of goal setting, why not set a family goal together? Make time to exercise together if it’s your or another family member’s personal goal. Get the kids involved, too, through basic movements like running, stretching, or exercising together at home. This enforces healthy habits while allowing the family to spend time together. Win, win.

Technology Time Out

Technology is wonderful and so very helpful. However, it is often easy to disengage with our loved ones when we are busy on our phones and tablets. Carve out some time to set technology aside and simply spend time with one another.

Yes Day

Say yes. Maybe not to everything but to some things. If a child asks you to play soccer in the backyard or play a game with them, say yes. If a family member needs to talk and wants to meet for coffee, say yes. These “yes” moments are more meaningful than we realize and help to build our relationships and nurture them.

Find a Family Hobby

Find something each family member likes or wants to do and then do it together. Artsy? Get out the art supplies and draw or paint together. Musical? Start a family band. Readers? Start a family book club and read together. Athletic? Make it a priority to go to the park and play your favorite sport or simply practice in your backyard. Foodies? Cook a meal together, or a family recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

Words Matter

Speak kind words of encouragement and affirmation to each other daily. This takes just a moment, but its impact is lasting. Whether out loud and in person or via text message, our words matter, and they can genuinely make someone’s day better.



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