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Farmers’ Almanac Predicts Frigid Winter for Mississippi

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The 2022-2023 Farmers’ Alamanac hit bookshelves on August 15 this year. It’s important to know that once the new edition is printed, the editors never go back to change or update their forecasts the way other local sources do.

Though weather forecasting, and long-range forecasting, in particular, remains an inexact science, many longtime Almanac followers maintain that the forecasts are 80% to 85% accurate.

According to the Almanac, the country, as a whole, should prepare to “shave, shovel, and shiver” this winter. Mississippi included.

That’s right. The Magnolia State is projected to have an unseasonably cold winter with below-average temperatures. An unpredictable, yet frigid winter is seemingly what’s in store for Mississippians this year.

The first official day of winter is December 21, 2022. However, the Almanac predicts December to be much colder and possibly snowier than in previous years. Will Mississippi be seeing a white Christmas?

Grab those winter coats! With record-breaking low temperatures predicted across the country, it’s very possible Mississippi could also see record-breaking temperatures. There might even be some snowfall in areas that typically don’t see snow. Snow in South Mississippi? Quick, someone call Hallmark!

As the new year approaches, January will be full of cold, rainy days, and there is still the possibility of snow.

If the predictions are accurate, we will see a massive arctic blast blow through in the middle of January, bringing some of the coldest temperatures the country has seen in years.

How cold? The almanac predicts 40 below zero! Now, Mississippi won’t be that cold, but we will definitely need our warmest winter clothes and of course, a lot of hot cocoa.

According to the Almanac, February will bring the typical, warmer temperatures the south is used to, which will bring more rain.

As the Ides of March roll in, be prepared for stormy weather and a beautiful, green spring.

The Farmers’ Almanac has been in publication since 1818. Its timeless appeal has spanned three centuries, offering readers a trademark blend of long-range weather predictions, humor, fun facts, and valuable advice on gardening, cooking, fishing, conservation, and much more.

In short…bundle up, Mississippi. It looks like we are in for a bit of weather!



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