Artist, Cindy Prince.


Finding Art Inspiration on the Golf Course

What do golfers and artists have in common? They focus on enjoying the moment and seeing the beauty of the world around them.  Artists in Mississippi love to capture their beloved home state in paint and there is no place more beautiful and inspiring than a local golf course. 

Across Mississippi, artists gather for group painting events and strike out solo to paint their favorite places. For artist Cindy Prince, that favorite place is often the golf course. Prince is a member of the Mississippi Oil Painters Association, Mississippi Artists’ Guild and a featured artist in Pacesetter Gallery. 

Cindy resides in Madison, MS with her husband Mike. She was employed at Trustmark Bank for over forty years, she retired from her financial career in March 2020 to care for her “Pop” and to paint full time. Both an avid golfer and Plein Air painter, you just may see her setting up an easel on a slow afternoon at one of her favorite courses.  

Artist, Cindy Prince.

“I love to be outdoors and am always up for a challenge. Playing golf and Plein Air painting are two of the most challenging passions in my life. In both experiences, I am among God’s beauty. I also love the social aspect of belonging to a network of golfers and Plein Air artists. There is always a game or painting event to attend both in town and out of town.”

Painting outdoors, also known as Plein Air painting, became highly popularized by the French Impressionists in the late 19th century. Artists such as Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, focused on capturing an accurate depiction of light as it touched the landscape. 

Today artists feel that same pull to go outdoors and capture the light and beauty found from the Mississippi delta down to the Gulf Coast. They often backpack in to hard-to-reach places looking for the perfect place to paint. As an artist and a gallerist, I love to see new places through the eyes of inspired Mississippi artists.

So how does one get started painting “en Plein Air”? First, find your inspiration. Maybe it is your favorite hole, water feature, or a resident flock of birds. Pick a place where family and friends come together and create fond memories. Years from now, your art will transport you back in time, so choose a landscape that has meaning to you. Plein air painter Carol Roark states, “I want my paintings to bring love of the outdoors in. I want the viewer to feel the breeze, hear the crickets and squint at the sun.” Art allows the artist to bring others with them on this journey through time and place.

 Artist Susan Wellington advises, “When working with new artists, I stress that they should choose subjects they love and are excited about. Don’t just paint to sell, as those pieces will lack a degree of emotion that can only be achieved in the work if the artist is truly connected to the subject.”

Here are a few tips from Susan Wellington on how to get started. “Carry a small sketchbook, #4 pencil, and a kneaded eraser with you and be sure write down notes about the colors you see.  A small travel watercolor kit with fillable watercolor brush and 4”x6” watercolor pad makes it easy to paint some color notes or create a quick watercolor. I often refer to these small studies for larger works when I get back to my studio.”

For upcoming Plein Air workshops and 

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