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Five Gulf Coast Bands to Add to Your Playlist

If you want to listen to some great music, consider one of these five bands from our own backyard. Before you say anything, we are lucky to have so much talent on the coast, so the list is not meant to be all the great bands. If you have not heard of these Mississippi Gulf Coast acts, they are worth checking out.

One band just back from shows in Florida is Magnolia Bayou, where they just opened for the Billboard charting Buckcherry. Working hard to get their music heard, these Gulf Coast guys are grabbing the attention of new cheering fans with their original highly-charged rock retro sounds. Magnolia Bayou recorded their second album Strange Places at the Natchez Sound Studio, and they have not looked back. Support this local band by picking up their album at, you’ll love the cover design. As Magnolia Bayou would say, “Stay Swampy.”

Royal Horses is a must-hear original band from Southern Mississippi. The experienced trio offers a gritty sound that makes you want more. The band’s debut record, A Modern Man’s Way to Improve, has a truly rich rock sound. Shelby Kemp, lead singer, Kenny Paul Mann, and Daniel Firth are special together, some of the best from the coast. Look for them playing around. You will want to own their music;

The 28th Annual Crawfish Music Festival is coming to Gulfport in April with a dozen super bands. Check out the MS Coast Coliseum site to buy event tickets; The Chitlins will be performing, a group of local rockers who play Cruisin’ the Coast every year, and produce some very cool music videos. Their classic southern hard rock sound is a festival treat. Take a listen;

The Rougarous deliver their New Orleans rocking party most weekends as they play in many of the local bars from Bay Saint Louis to Ocean Springs. Chris Andersen, lead singer, a hardworking veteran, can be found across the coast. The crowd always participates by getting up out of their seats, dancing, and just having a blast. The Rougarous are a great time. Follow the band,

A Gulf Coast favorite would be The Kelsey Moran Band. A chill group that delivers old-school classics that everyone enjoys. Kelsey Moran, lead singer, is a delight. She has been rocking since a young teenager and handles the classics with style. Follow her band on Facebook;

Remember to support local music. COVID-19 has changed so much regarding the local music scene. Plenty of great acts just have not been around; Jamell Richardson “The Gulf Coast Blues Boy,” Steve Warren Band, Thomas Jackson, and so many more. To you musicians, you are missed, and hopefully, we can see you on the coast in the near future.


Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

Enjoy more gulf coast entertainment and stories @ Mississippi Hot Entertainment on Facebook. Be happy!

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