Get the Mindset for Exercise

It is hard to have a solid mindset for exercise. We are in a fast pace society in today’s world. If it is not made a priority or beneficial in our eyes, we push it to the side. One thing that is very beneficial to our lives that we have pushed to the side is exercise. For one reason or another, we never can find time for this type of activity.

How do we change this mindset? What are things that we can do that will make this a priority in our lives? We can say that we want change, but if we do not put it into action it will not happen. So what can we do to make this happen and become a habit? Here are 4 tips of how to develop a mindset for exercise.

Set Goals

Here we go with the goal thing again. When you set goals, don’t set the goals that you write down on paper and forget about later. Set goals that can be measured. Don’t even think about setting a goal that involves pounds. Those are the worse goals to set for fitness. If you want a size goal, set a goal of losing so many inches off your waist. If you are someone who doesn’t exercise at all, set a goal of exercising once or twice a week. Get your calendar out and make write those days down. Each week might change on the day that you are able to exercise, but make sure you put that day down before the week begins.

Avoid the All or nothing Mentality

Ever heard a teach say it is better to turn in what you have than to get a 0? Well the same concept applies to fitness. If you have planned to work out for 45 minutes and you will only have 15 minutes to workout, don’t skip the workout. Take those 15 minutes and make them count. Anything is better than nothing. This also burns it in your brain that I need and want to do this no matter what. If you begin to think this way, nothing will stand in the way of your goals.

Join a group or Hire a coach

Find something that is going to hold you accountable. When you join a group, you are less likely to skip so you don’t let the team down. Something goes for hiring a coach. Once you have paid the coach, you are less likely to skip so you don’t lose your money. You don’t have the money to pay for group exercise? No problem. Start your own group. You start a group that meets every Monday to walk/run a mile. Create a Facebook page and start inviting people.

Reframe how you look at exercise

Stop looking at exercise as a burden. Don’t think of exercise as a wedge in your day. Reward yourself for exercising so many minutes in a week. Don’t look as exercise as work, have fun with it. For some reason as adults we have lost the mindset of just having fun. Exercise does not have to be the typical gym workout. Get a group of friends and have a pick-up basketball game. Pick up a new hobby such as disc golf. Find something that involves moving and burning calories.

Take Away

It is time to stop making excuses and get out there and move. Find an activity that brings you joy and stick with it. Don’t be afraid of failure at first. As long as you are consistent you will start to see results. Plan Plan Plan. Put it in your calendar and don’t budge. If you can’t do the full workout, do at least part of it. Have fun!



Written by christian Johnston

Assistant Athletic Trainer at Delta State University. 2019 Athletic Trainer of the year. 6 years served in the Mississippi National Guard.


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