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Good Luck to USM Students on Finals!

As the semester begins to come to a close, students are scrambling to get final pieces of work done as we enter what students like to call “Dead Week” – the week before finals. Although there are no tests, finishing touches are being added to courses and final paper due dates are too close for comfort. “Dead Week” becomes a very relevant name, as students are just returning from break and they are all so tired and stuffed with food that they are barely awake (speaking from experience). As uncomfortable and stressful as it is to be approaching the end, there is no denying that this is the final step to getting more of the credits we need.

For everyone who just finished their first semester, last semester, or any in between, congratulations! You are either finished with your courses or you are one step closer to completing your goal. Also know this: in studying for finals, you are not alone! The Honors College is offering Study Nights at the Honors House from Dec. 8 to Dec. 10, and the library will be offering extending hours during finals week. There are still available tutors on campus, and I’m only speaking for the organizations in which I am involved – there are likely plenty more.

If this is your first time taking college-level final exams, try not to panic. Although this may be a blatant note to myself, as I am a freshman, I hope that it can apply to others, too – even those who have taken college-level finals many times before. Although there are too many majors and minors to count, we are all in the same boat during these last two weeks of exams. Even though we are all here for different personal reasons, all of us have a common goal to receive a degree. As of right now, however, our common goal is just to get through these last few weeks into the breath of fresh air that is winter break. Good luck to everyone during finals week, and Happy Holidays afterwards!


Written by Kelli Kirkland

Kelli Kirkland is originally from Slidell, Louisiana and lives part time on the Southern Miss college campus. She has a passion for writing and has two books currently available on Amazon!


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