Hattiesburg Zoo’s Renaissance Fest Kicks Off Today

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye royal and loyal ladies, gentlemen, knights, and jesters are officially invited to the 6th Annual Renaissance Fest on Saturday, February the 26th, and Sunday, February the 27th at the Hattiesburg Zoo. Festivities will begin at 10 a.m. and will end at 4:00 p.m. each of these days.

Come take an adventurous trip back in time filled with lots of excitement and a whimsical good time. There are events and activities for the entire family.

“There will be plenty of events for the children and events for adults, as well,” Paige Robertson, Director of Communications and Digital Strategies of the Hattiesburg Tourism Commission, said. “This is one of my favorite events of the year. It’s just so colorful and fun and filled with lots of excitement.”

As you traverse your way through the Hattiesburg Zoo, you’ll be greeted with lots of Renaissance music and live performances by a “Troupe of Sprightly Actors.” Everyone will be adorned in Renaissance finery and guests are encouraged to come in costume as well to make the event even more fun.

The children will have much to enjoy while learning more about the Renaissance era. In the Crafting Circle, they can learn the vintage arts of candle making and butter churning. There will also be Apothecary Training.

The day is filled with many enjoyable events from ancient times:

  • 11:30 a.m. – Raptor Show at the Africa Pavilion
  • 1 p.m. – A Knighting Ceremony the Africa Pavilion for all the noble ones in attendance
  • 2:30 p.m. – Another Raptor Show at the Africa Pavilion
  • 3:30 p.m. – Knighting Ceremony and proceedings at the Africa Pavilion

The children will enjoy being knighted by the Royals presiding over events. While venturing through the zoo, there will be exciting events with ye favorite animals and guests will be entertained by live action roleplay by the regal sponsors.

“It’s always so much fun to watch the kids as they are knighted,” Robertson continued. “Everyone loves seeing the joy on the children’s faces. I love to watch them get the chance to try their hand at archery or learn how to make candles and how people lived so many years ago. It’s always such a fun time.”

For even more Renaissance fun, there will train rides and carousel rides. The High Adventure Ropes Course will also be open for even more adventure. These extra special events are available for an additional cost. All tickets can be purchased at the gate.

After a day filled with excitement and adventure, guests can enjoy some very delicious foods from the time period including Scotch eggs and turkey legs galore. To quench the thirst of every Lord and Lady, there will be Mead, Suzy Graggot, and Bloody Marys.

While Renaissance costumes and attire are highly encouraged, no real swords will be allowed in the zoo. The SOLAR Correneth is sponsoring the Hattiesburg Zoo Renaissance Festival and invite all to attend with their greeting of “Attend thee, or Square Be!”

Robertson looks forward to the festival each year, and it is definitely going to be an even greater event as the community can once again come together for a jolly good time: “It’s always such a beautiful day at the Zoo during the Renaissance festival. It’s always seemed like an enchanted way to usher in the spring every year.”

Admission to this very fun event is $8 for children and $10 for adults, and annual passes do apply. This is sure to be an eventful two days filled with joy and good cheer. Don’t let the event pass you by, good citizens of Hattiesburg and parts near and far.

Thou doth not want to miss this magical Renaissance Festival this weekend. So wear your finest attire and bring thou whole family. Ye do not want to miss this adventure and excitement at the Hattiesburg Zoo.


Written by Judy Smith

Judy Smith has been a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and publications around the South, including Social South Magazine, Our Mississippi Magazine, DeSoto Magazine, Deep South Magazine, Country Roads Magazine, among others. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Paralegal Studies, Master’s of Science in Mass Communications, and PhD in Communications at the University of Southern Mississippi. And Judy Smith is proud to forever be a Mississippi Girl.


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