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How About Those Teachers!

Almost every teacher will tell you that they didn’t choose their profession for the spotlight. For many educators, their greatest successes are words of encouragement and moments of connection and progress that happen with their students, in their classroom, every day. Teachers play such an active role in the lives of students that their efforts should certainly be celebrated. In short, teachers teach, because they care.

Every school year, many teachers go the extra mile for their students. These are the teachers we remember as we grow older; they make a lasting impact on our lives, oftentimes, without even knowing it. It’s safe to say that students will remember their “Covid teachers” and the life lessons they taught them while teaching them academic lessons at the same time.

Lessons that include: strength, positivity, adapting, and overcoming, creativity, and silver linings. Teachers have perfected smiling with their eyes, as they wear masks. They have made up songs about sanitizing and social distancing to create a comfortable and uplifting environment for children who are going to school during an unprecedented time. Here in the Hospitality State, many of our teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty, by teaching their students the ability to choose joy, learn, and thrive.

Creativity and ingenuity shine at Mooreville Elementary School, in Mooreville Mississippi, while teachers have taken traditions and revamped them to accommodate the state’s COVID-19 guidelines. Traditionally, MES Kindergarten students participate in a Community Day, where different community helpers come to the school and speak to the children about their specific job, and how they serve the community. Due to the pandemic, this version of Community Day, could not take place this year. However, Mooreville Elementary School and its team of kindergarten teachers asked their students to come to school dressed like their favorite community helper. A heartwarming video of young minds dressed as doctors, nurses, police officers, firemen and firewomen, farmers, and so much more was then compiled for students, parents, and the school to view. Learning, involvement, and a continued tradition all took place, due to the caring staff of this school. Dedication and southern hospitality are certainly alive and well in Mooreville, Mississippi!

As we begin to embark upon the spring season, and wrap up a challenging, yet, rewarding school year, remember, to thank a teacher. Here in Mississippi, we take great pride in community and kindness. There is no stronger community in Mississippi than that of our educators. Thank you, Mississippi teachers!


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