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Killer Crab & Seafood not done growing!

There is no deficit of hard work, perseverance, and passion within the walls of Killer Crab & Seafood Co. in Gautier. Killer Crab had their “grand reopening” on July 13th after the locally owned business underwent a handful of renovations.

Over the course of three weeks, concrete was poured for a sidewalk for the crawfish line and a patio slab for the outdoor dining area. Curb landscaping was created with concrete, 12 new palm trees, and newly laid mulch. The parking lot was also redone with black asphalt, giving the entire building a fresh new look.

Photo from Killer Crab & Seafood LLC/Facebook

Since moving to their Gautier-Vancleave location in mid-2020, the Killer Crab crew has been met with overwhelming community support, and their progression is a testament to that.

“We plan to grow a lot,” one owner, Drake Killingsworth, shared. “Our plans within the next couple years is to build a warehouse to process and store product behind this restaurant.”

Once this warehouse is developed, opening and supplying more locations will become more viable.

However, the changes don’t stop there! It was revealed on their Facebook page that on the back-side of the building, they are planning to have a snowball, ice cream, and daiquiri stand. According to Killingsworth, the stand “should be up and running within the next couple of months.” They currently carry products from Havens Down Home Creamery, all sourced from a Lucedale dairy farm, as well as Johnson Farms steaks from Picayune.

Photo from Killer Crab & Seafood LLC/Facebook

Coming from someone who attended school alongside the young Killingsworths, I can vouch that their work ethic and special skills are not just speculation. Some of Killer Crab’s best-sellers are their steamed shrimp, po-boys, crawfish, crabs, and fried crab claw dinners. With its great quality seafood, unrivaled prices, ever-changing specials, and an impressive variety of products, Killer Crab truly lives up to its hype, and it will continue to thrive for years to come.



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