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Kitchen Sisters Meal Prep, Serving Healthy & Delicious Food to Pascagoula

Kitchen Sisters Meal Prep just opened their storefront in downtown Pascagoula, and they’re serving up delicious food that is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Blair Purdy and her sister Hayley Espey, along with Lydia Hayward, are passionate about bringing healthy, convenient food to their community.

Their business began with Blair meal prepping food for herself and her family as a convenient way to eat healthily. Friends and family started asking her to cook for them too, and after years of perfecting her craft and building a customer base, Kitchen Sisters is now ready to serve Pascagoula!

Their stylish venue sets them apart from other meal prep businesses on the coast, as they offer grab-and-go meals for individuals and families. They cook “home food,” meaning food they would cook for themselves and their families with whole ingredients, and everything is homemade.

“We offer a wide variety of quality food that can fit into different dietary lifestyles,” Blair stated. “Mississippi is a bit behind the curve when it comes to healthy, convenient, and affordable meal options that are also delicious! We’re trying to help our community eat better and healthier. They can just come in and grab a meal without having to pre-order or plan. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible while sourcing the best quality ingredients.”

Kitchen Sisters’ delicious and healthy meals have quickly become a favorite in Pascagoula. They currently serve over 1,000 individual meals a week! 

“Everything is from scratch, so it is a lot of work, but it is so worth it when people come in and tell us how thankful they are that we opened and how it helps them be healthy and put good food into their bodies. That’s why we do this, and we’re grateful for the support,” Blair said.

Kitchen Sisters is located on Krebs Avenue in the heart of Pascagoula. Main Street Pascagoula recently won two awards for their efforts in “The Flagship District.” In response to this, The Kitchen Sisters feel, “It’s a total honor to be a part of this revitalization effort that’s taking place in Pascagoula right now. You can see the efforts of businesses and people all over the city. We all have the same goal—we want Pascagoula to be the best it can be! It’s awesome to be a part of this because it’s our hometown, and we want to support it.”

The Kitchen Sisters are cooking up a whole lot of fabulous food while giving the gift of health and local support to Pascagoula. “We are excited to offer something different to the community and make healthy food that people actually want to eat.”





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