Krebsville Historic District

I grew up on Krebs Avenue in Pascagoula,  and had never heard of the Krebsville Historic district until I discovered it on the National Register of Historic Places.  Krebs Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Krebsville was initially settled about 1721, by three hundred individuals who were sent from Canada to colonize and cultivate the area.  Among the group was Joseph Simon de la Pointe who built a complex on the shore of Lake Catahoula (now Krebs Lake).  His daughter Marie married Hugo Ernestus Krebs. Together they inhabited the “Krebs Plantation”.  Cotton was an abundant crop in the area and Krebs conveniently owned a cotton gin.

Unfortunately in 1772 the area was devastated by a strong hurricane. A report by Bernard Remans stated that the hurricane totally destroyed the plantation, the houses and his smith’s shop.

The “Old Spanish Fort” at 4602 Fort Street was originally the LaPointe- Krebs one story three room house. The exact date of construction is unknown it is believed that some of the timbers were salvaged from structures destroyed in the 1772 hurricane. The structure is now listed as Mississippi States oldest surviving building, and was added to the National Register in 1971. The Krebs family inherited the house upon the death of Joseph LaPointe in 1751 and it remained occupied by descendants of Hugo Krebs until 1914.

The Krebsville District is set in north Pascagoula north of the now Highway 90. The original eleven buildings  added to the National Register were thought to have been constructed between 1867 and 1900. During that period Pascagoula was enjoying prosperity and expansion due to the industries of ship building and lumbering. Most were considered houses of the middle class and were of the center hall cottages so prevalent in that time. Most structures retain to this day the turn of century architecture inspired by local lumbering companies in the area.

One building, at 803 Kell Avenue, “The Lake School” was built in 1900 to educate the children of the increasing population. This structure served as a school until 1939.

The original eleven addresses on the list are:

    • 4602 Fort Street – The Old Spanish Fort


    • 803 Kell Avenue – AKA the Lake School


    • 811 Kell Avenue – built 1895


    • 611 Mill Road


    • 703 Mill Road


    • 706 Mill Road


    • 707 Mill Road – circa 1902


    • 710 Mill Road – built 1897


    • 4011 Pine Street – circa 1890 – 1894


    • 4205 Pine Street – circa 1902


    4215 Pine Street – circa 1921, possibility that the house was moved there from another property

Since then an additional 131 buildings have been added on streets such as Kell Avenue, Mill Road, Pine Street, Becht Avenue, Cedar Street, Fort Avenue, Grove Street, Joe Street, Lake Avenue, Market Street, Morgan Lane, Pascagoula Street, Willow Street and Walnut Street.

You could spend more than a day or two, walking, biking, or driving to explore these beautifully architectured historic buildings!


Written by Brenda Lewis

Brenda Lewis is a native of Jackson County. She has attended the University of Southern Mississippi on numerous occasions, earning a BS in Architectural Technology, advanced studies in Accounting and now on a mission to finalize her Masters of Business Administration.
Brenda is an avid fisherwoman, owns her own boat, baits her own hook, cleans her own fish and cooks them. But sorry guys, she has a loving husband, daughter and 4 grandchildren. When unable to fish her spare time is spent in the greenhouse and garden, supplying fresh edibles for the family and cultivating local species and rarities.
In 2007 her team was awarded the 2007 Golden Eagle Challenge from the University of Southern Mississippi. The challenge was to create the best business plan and presentation of a viable technological business. In 2015 she was certified as a TapRoot Cause Analyst, a system used to improve performance, fixing small problems to avoid major incidents.
Having worked in a small family business since childhood she was exposed to entrepreneurship. That experience led her to her own business, tax preparation, where she served her loyal clients for 10 years. During that time, she earned the Enrolled Agent certification with the IRS, and insurance and security licenses, offering additional services to her clients.
Her employment has been in private business, government, contract and corporate settings. Mostly in management, her tasks included a variety of administrative, safety, Quality control and human resources.
“The reason I want to write for OurMsHome is I have experienced the advancements in Jackson County first hand over the past 50 years, and I feel that the county has made enormous progress. We need to ‘toot our horn’ and let the world know about our rich history and abundant natural resources.”


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