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Lowe’s Donates Clothes Washers, Dryers, Cleaning Supplies to Gautier First Responders

Lowe’s Home Improvement in Gautier has made life-protecting donations to the City of Gautier first responders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The home improvement retailing giant has donated a washing machine and dryer set to both the Gautier Fire Department and the Gautier Police Department, as well as a variety of sanitizing and disinfectant cleaning products.

Lowe’s donates clothes washers, dryers, cleaning supplies to Gautier first responders

“Lowe’s is a great asset and partner of Gautier,” Fire Chief Robert Jones said. “We thank them immensely for thinking of us, the fire and police departments, during these troubling times.”

The donations, Jones said, “will relieve the strain on the department’s aging equipment, allowing personnel to concentrate on completing their mission to keep Gautier safe.”

Interim Police Chief Danny Selover said the washer and dryer were delivered to the city’s north police substation, where a washer and dryer hook-up already existed.

“The donation of these items could not come at a better time,” Selover said. “For instance, if an officer was to make an arrest of a person suspected of being positive for COVID-19, they would be instructed to wash and dry their uniform immediately to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and prevent anyone in their residence from potentially being exposed to the virus.”

Selover said he and the department “are very grateful for the donation and everyone who made this possible.”

Councilman Casey Vaughan, who helped secure the donation for the city’s first responders, said the City is fortunate to have Lowe’s as a corporate partner.

“We thank Lowe’s for the donation and help in this time of need for our public safety workers and their health,” he said. “Their donation came at a time when some of the items are essential and difficult to procure through the normal supply chain.”

casey vugn
Gautier city councilman Casey Vaughan pictured with Gautier’s first responders.

“We appreciate their commitment and actions to take care of their community and their safety,” Vaughan said.


Written by City of Gautier


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