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Brenda Lewis

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Brenda Lewis is a native of Jackson County. She has attended the University of Southern Mississippi on numerous occasions, earning a BS in Architectural Technology, advanced studies in Accounting, and furthering her education with studies in an MBA master’s program.

Recently retires she spends her time in the greenhouse and garden, supplying fresh edibles for the family and cultivating local species and rarities. She also sells accessories made of feathers for weddings and special occasions.

Her employment has been in private business, government, contract, and corporate settings. Mostly in management, her tasks included a variety of administrative, safety, quality control, and human resources.


“The reason I want to write for OurMsHome is I have experienced the advancements in Mississippi firsthand over the past 50 years, and I feel that the county has made enormous progress. We need to ‘toot our horn’ and let the world know about our rich history and abundant natural resources.”