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Mississippi Museums that are a must-visit


GRAMMY Museum Mississippi – Cleveland

Interestingly enough, the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi is the only GRAMMY museum outside of Los Angeles. However, anybody who is familiar with Mississippi’s deep music history will know that the state is a more than appropriate place to feature the GRAMMY Museum 2.0 for a couple of reasons: Firstly, the state has more GRAMMY winners than the next five states combined. Secondly, there wouldn’t be rock ‘n’ roll without Mississippi as Robert Johnson supposedly traded his soul to the devil in order to be able to play the blues at the Crossroads in Clarksdale (One of the last things you’ll see at the museum is a quote from Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards that says, “If you don’t know the blues…there’s no point in picking up a guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music”). From one of B.B. King’s guitars to a suit worn by Elvis and GRAMMY awards all around, this museum is a must-visit.


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