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Mississippi’s Tiniest Museum, The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

Photo from the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum/Facebook

Can you find Mississippi’s tiniest museum? Hidden downtown, the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is located in a “secret” alley where you can discover a little world with BIG interactive art installations!

The uniqueness and ever-changing, ever-evolving aspect of the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum makes it a place that people can visit over and over again and always experience something new.

Hidden in the alley are nine cats, the Hattiesburg Pocket Theater, a three-story mural by Nashville artist Kelsey Montague, and 3D installations Hub City Chasm and Abbey Road, both by Hattiesburg artist Lissa Ortego.

A miniature world of tiny people scattered throughout the alley for you to explore always keeps you discovering something new and different!

Part of the fun and the intrigue of the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is finding it!

A local billboard announced the museum’s arrival in Hattiesburg in 2020 but purposefully did not mention its location. This is part of the museum’s charm, as the curators’ goal of the museum was to get people to explore and spend time in downtown Hattiesburg while also looking for the Pocket Museum.

Its location is still not publicized, making it an adventure to find this magical, quirky alleyway in The Hub City.

A sign, a window, a cabinet, a fresh cobblestone street, about 800 dollars, and a pocket-sized collection for display was all it took to get the museum up and running for the public to enjoy.

Currently known as the tiniest museum in Mississippi, about 35-50 people visit weekdays and more than 100 on weekends. This local attraction is always open and ready to be found to local residents and visitors’ delight.

Items for curation do not have to be pocket-sized. The curators will consider and welcome any unusual or quirky collection for display. Exhibits change monthly, and people are encouraged to submit their collections to the museum for display.

Look for the iconic purple “Friends” door, and be sure to take a photo on the 3D Abbey Lane Road exhibit. There is something in every nook and cranny of this trendy portion in downtown Hattiesburg.

The Hub City has created a fun, one-of-a-kind, free activity for all to enjoy! Explore the Pocket Museum with friends, family, or a date! Bring lunch, or dinner, and your camera, because there are endless photo ops! Be sure to post your photos and tag the Hattiesburg Pocket Museum on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to be featured on their social media pages.

“The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum is meant to inspire, delight, and intrigue as you peer into our cabinet of curiosities!”



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