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Musaic: Where Music and Art Come Together

It’s called Musaic, a term created from the fusion of “music” and “mosaic,” because it’s a place where performing arts and visual arts intersect.

Musaic Productions is the cheerfully colorful building on Market Street in Pascagoula that offers its students, mostly ages 5-17, a one-stop shop for honing their skills.  “The mission of Musaic is to tune and train talent, and what we want to do is to provide opportunity for students to showcase their talents,” said Musaic owner and director Leah Rollins.

Musaic students can take lessons in singing, musical instruments, and musical theater, while participants in its Premiere group do it all–sing, act, dance and play instruments.
Rollins herself has a wealth of experience and expertise to share as a music teacher. Rollins’ bio includes two decades of experience as a classroom music teacher, plus an extensive body of work as a professional singer and songwriter.

Rollins maintains that promoting the arts with programs like Musaic offers adds value to the local community and improves the lives of those students who devote their time and effort to learning a skill.
The Jackson County area is teeming with talented artists who need opportunities to shine, Rollins said, and people who are considering moving to Jackson County are looking for arts opportunities in the area.
Reflecting on the students she has taught over the years, Rollins described the all too common experience of witnessing them grow confidence over the course of learning and performing with Musaic. The transformation, she said, is nothing short of “miraculous.”

“The arts do have the power to change and save lives. I say that all the time,” Rollins said.
Musaic is always looking for visual or performing artists to volunteer their time as mentors for the students, Rollins said, and Musaic accepts donations toward student scholarships.
More information about the classes offered at Musaic can be found at or at their Facebook page at “Musaic Productions.”


Written by Amber Mason


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