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Nature to meet art at Grand Bay NERR

April showers bring May flowers. The old saying not only explains that April can be a particularly wet month, but also that May is a time when everything is definitely out of winter hibernation. Animals are active, and flowers are spreading their leaves to get as much spring sun as they can. With all of the beauty of nature fully expressed in May, the Grand Bay NERR is taking the opportunity to bring nature and art together in another batik art workshop.

“Batik art is basically drawing with melted wax on fabric,” said Ayesha Gray, Grand Bay NERR’s director, ecologist and artist. “It is an ancient art form originally thought to be from Indonesia, but also used around the world. The wax acts as a resist to paint and dye. The fabric is usually painted and dip dyed, and as the wax cracks it makes a unique look on the fabric. Batik combines drawing, fabric painting (very much like watercolor) done in layers, and then dip dyeing.

“The process is long, which is why we do it over two days. The artist must release all their intention with the art, as they have to wax over their carefully painted portions, and crumble the piece for dip dyeing in a bucket,” added Gray, who will be the instructor for the upcoming workshop.

Artists attending the workshop have the option of staying overnight at the reserves, dorms. All skill levels are invited to attend, but space is limited to only 16 participants. 

For information and registration, contact at Avery Sward at [email protected] or at 228-697-0553.

The cost for the workshop is $60 with an additional $15 for the dorm stay.



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