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New Aviation Heritage Museum is Flying High in Gulfport

Let your curiosity take flight at the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum. Francisco Gonzalez, project director, has produced this dream project, a museum that highlights the great and vast history of Mississippi aviation. The Gulfport museum inspired by the pioneering African American pilot John C. Robinson has become a comprehensive, interactive look at Mississippi’s contributions to aviation for the entire family.

Impressive, educational, and very fun! Spend the day, learn, and experience aviation history all while jets buzz the sky overhead landing at the nearby Keesler Air Force Base.

The museum offers 22 gallery showcases transporting you into a rich history; from John C. Robinson an African American who grew up in Gulfport and went on to be part of the elite Tuskegee Airmen, Jesse LeRoy Brown who was the first African American naval aviator in the US Navy, Stuart Allen Roosa who was command module pilot for Apollo 14, to Fred Wallace Haise, Jr. born in Biloxi who is one of only 24 men to travel to the moon. Let’s not forget the brave Hurricane Hunters. This museum tells the stories of so many, all from Mississippi, all in one place.

Display after display will immerse you in the detailed adventures of pilots. You will stand beside real, vintage aircraft, a Space Shuttle cockpit, and enter a massive room resembling a passenger airliner that acts as a movie theater. There are genuine historic uniforms, war medals, artifacts from airports and planes that made history. Experience film clips of the brave military men and women, and discover the commitment and courage it took in the early days of aviation. There is something for everyone with hours of enjoyment.

Sign up to sit at one of the dozen or so flight simulators for a flying lesson, or just relax while you witness planes take-off and land at LAX International Airport in real time on the wall size monitor. Kids can be hands-on and will be able to challenge themselves as they have fun learning. The museum offers many interactive displays for children and parents alike.

Visitors from across the country are beginning to find this museum. Gonzalez proudly shared one visitor’s comments: “Wonderful displays, a great time, learned so much, we will be back.”

Special parties and group events are welcome. If you have a business or are visiting the area, consider hosting a get-together at the museum location. Ask about donations to build a hero’s bust as tax deductible donations are welcome.

The John C. Robinson, Brown Condor Association, Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum will transport you into history. Discover the people and events behind aviation today. You and guests will talk about the experience for a long, long time.

Location: 429 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS


Phone: 228- TOGOFLY


Written by John Dolan

A resident of Ocean Springs, John is passionate about art, music, and entertainment. A writer, film maker, and an at home chef.

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