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Oak Grove High School Memorializes Classmate Hayden Humpherys

The Oak Grove High School Senior Class is honoring their classmate Hayden Humpherys, who passed away in February 2021.

A tragic car accident took this young man’s life. Still, his legacy will live on forever through the Hayden Humpherys Memorial Trail, a project that his Senior class is spearheading to honor him. More importantly,  the way Hayden lived his life and the positive influence he had on everyone around him is his most incredible legacy. Hayden is proof that one life truly does make a difference.

“Hayden left an impact on everyone he met, therefore impacting OGHS. He was always smiling, laughing, and had something to say that could make anyone’s day better. Like so many others, I am so thankful for and blessed by the time that I spent with him.”

As an honor student at Oak Grove High School, Hayden’s talents and interests varied, from volunteering in special needs classrooms to playing the cello. He was also a student-athlete who loved his family and treasured his faith.

“As my fellow class officers and I brainstormed an idea for our senior gift, we knew that we wanted to do something to honor Hayden because that would be most special to our class. Hayden ran cross country, and the cross country trails are in such bad condition that it is no longer safe for the team or anyone else to use them. We quickly realized that this trail’s reparation was our chance to honor Hayden, serve a team that he loved, and make a difference in our community.”

The student’s fundraising goal is $30,000. They have fundraised through social media and directly contacted companies and individuals with connections to the school, the senior class, and the Humpherys family. They are within the last $5,000 of fundraising for their goal.

“The support from the community has been overwhelming; so many people have been so generous with their money, time, and energy. We are working with the Lamar County Education Foundation to take donations, and there are probably fifty different donors involved at various giving levels.”

“This trail is for Hayden for multiple reasons. To know Hayden was to love him, he was truly a friend to all, and when people see his name on this trail, our greatest hope is that they sense how much our class loved Hayden and desired for his memory to live on. Hayden set an example as a friend, an athlete, and a classmate; he worked hard and loved others with his whole heart. Making this trail for Hayden means honoring the example he set and carrying on his legacy of generosity, hard work, and ambition.”

If you are interested in contributing to this project, contact:[email protected]

*Special thanks to the Humpherys family, Oak Grove High School, and OGHS Senior Class President Marah Inman.



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