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Pascagoula native finally tells the tale of amazing close encounter

For 45 years, Calvin Parker kept his mouth shut about the Pascagoula alien abduction that captured America’s attention. But now he’s ready to tell his story.

Parker, who claims he was abducted and examined by alien beings while fishing on the Pascagoula River with Charles Hickson in 1973, will hold a book signing event at Main Street Pascagoula on Oct. 11, 2018, on the 45th anniversary of the alleged abduction.  

“I never really told my story,” Parker said. “Nobody has ever talked to my family about it, never talked to my friends about it. I’ve always kept it quiet.”

A few months ago, however, Parker decided to share his story through a book titled Pascagoula – The Closest Encounter: My Story.

The idea came to him after attending a funeral. Visitors saw his name on the registry and began asking questions.

“They was coming up asking a lot of questions, wanting pictures,” he said. “We left the funeral because it was taking attention away from the family, but on the way home (me and my wife) talked about writing a book.”

As fate would have it, when they returned home a publisher had left a message about a book deal.  

“He told me, ‘It’s your legacy. People need to know. People want to know,’” Parker said. “He said the media always changes things. They make it a little spicier. I wanted to document this and put it in a book where it can’t be changed.”

Parker said he’s eager to kick off his book signings in Pascagoula because he owes the people of Jackson County an explanation of what happened.

“I don’t know if they believe it or not,” he said. “It don’t matter to me if you believe it or not (because) I know it happened.”

The book, should help readers make up their minds, he said.

“At least read the book and get the facts, like the polygraph test, the voice stress test, the eye witnesses, the hypnosis sessions,” he said.

The book is available for purchase for $30 through Main Street Pascagoula by emailing [email protected] The book will be available for pick-up at the book signing event.

The book signing will be held at 618 Delmas Ave. from 5-8 p.m. on Oct. 11.

The book reveals all, Parker said.

“I remember everything about it,” Parker said, recounting that night in 1973.  

He and Hickson, who has since died, were fishing on private property on the east bank of the Pascagoula River.

“We had seen some blue, hazy lights, and I had figured that maybe the law was coming,” he said. “We stood up and turned around, and then a real bright light appeared about the time we stood up. It was really blinding for a minute.”

He believes the blinding light was the craft’s door opening.

“We saw three figures coming toward us,” Parker recounted. “You couldn’t make it out much because of the lights, but when they got closer, you could kinda make out that they weren’t human. They were more like robotic looking.”

Two of them approached Hickson, he said, and one grabbed Parker.  

“When they got a hold of me, it was like an injection,” he said. “It just took the fear and life right out of you. You couldn’t do nothing. You couldn’t talk; you couldn’t do anything but look. I couldn’t turn my head to see what was going on.”

Parker said once on board, he was put on an examination table at about a 45-degree angle.

That’s when something resembling a deck of cards with a silver bottom came out if the ceiling, he said.

“It came and hovered around my head just little bit (and) clicked four times,” he said. “I figure it was something close to an MRI.”

Then the “big ugly one” left the room, he said, and “the little feminine looking one” came inside to examine Parker.

“She pulled at my skin,” he said. “She put her fingers in my throat, nose and ears and just gave me an examination. She left the room, and the big ugly one came back in, the one I call the soldier. He came back and set us back at the river.”

Parker said he and Hickson sat on the riverbank and talked about what happened for a few minutes.

“I didn’t want to tell anyone,” he said. “But the next day, it was a media frenzy. It was national news and it still is.”

Parker believes social media has kept the abduction story alive and helped fan the flames of its popularity.

He’s been contacted by television stations and has a forthcoming radio broadcast, he said, and he wouldn’t be surprised if some movie deals come out of the book’s release.

“We’re just taking it slow and easy, not jumping into anything,” he said. “It’s been 45 years and I’ve kept my mouth shut. I kinda want to lift the cloud and lift the doubt. I just want to bring everybody together on the real facts of what happened.”


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