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Pascagoula teens “Soaking in the Sunlight” with latest music release

Ethan Triplett (left) and Silas Corder (right) of Pascagoula recently released their new EP.

Two Pascagoula teenagers recently released their latest EP just in time for summer. The main track, titled “Soaking in the Sunlight,” is already receiving good play across streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, and more.

Silas Corder and Ethan Triplett are both 14-year-olds heading into the ninth grade at Pascagoula High School. Both are in their school band and are straight-A students. They began collaborating and producing their music under the name “Gard3n” in late 2019.

To date, their work has been mostly for fun, enjoyed and shared by friends and family. But this latest release is drawing more attention.

“We released the new EP on July 1st and thanks to our family and the community, we are getting a lot of attention and plays,” Corder said. “We’ve been in contact with some influential people in the radio world who are willing to share our work and help us be heard across the state. That’s exciting!”

The music is written, performed, and produced by the teens at their homes. Corder plays the piano, trumpet, and ukulele while Triplett lays down the bass.

“We just enjoy working together and making music,” Triplett said. “Our tastes in music are similar and we are blessed to be able to produce new music we both enjoy. We hope others will, too.”

Corder, also a quarterback for the Panthers, spends much of his free time away from War Memorial Stadium listening to a variety of music and learning as much as he can about music production.

Last school year while in eighth grade at Colmer Middle School, he helped teach the band class in the basics of music production using the latest technology.

“I’m the main production guy for us. I lay down the tracks and find what fits the songs best for the sound we’re going for,” Corder said. “This latest production is our best yet and we think it’s a fun summer release that most people no matter their music preference will like.”

Triplett is active in his church’s worship band, playing the bass guitar in his youth services. He strives to make that a weekly occurrence and continue to grow. He is the duo’s “big picture” guy, consulting on the production and finding ways to promote their music.

He also knows their next step will require building their brand through social media and even limited merchandizing. That will allow the two to invest in equipment upgrades and expand their reach.

“We want to be able to grow and add even more elements to our music,” Triplett said. “That takes money. So we’re looking for ways to do that without always asking our parents.”

You can listen to their new releases on most streaming platforms. Below is their main title track, “Soaking in the Sunlight,” from YouTube.



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