Pay It Forward Friday: Jenafer Gurley

This week’s Pay It Forward Friday is Jenafer Gurley, a 36 year-old artist from Pascagoula. Gurley was born in Pascagoula but lived in South Carolina up until 11 years ago when she decided to plant her roots in the beautiful coastal city of Pascagoula. From early 2014 to late 2016, Gurley owned an art studio that was located in Anchor Squares and eventually moved to downtown Pascagoula. On occasion, Gurley will “abandon” a piece of her work around the area so that other people can find it and enjoy it.

“I’ve had a few people email me telling me they found it and it’s a really neat idea,” explains Gurley.

Art isn’t the only thing Gurley is passionate about; she loves helping others and giving back to her community. Some of the projects she’s done around town include a food drive, a prom dress drive, free art lessons for kids and an annual drive for school supplies.

“All of my business owner friends and friends in bands chipped in with donations.  I loved having the parents and children come in to collect supplies,” says Gurley.

Gurley has also donated some of her time to Our Daily Bread and hopes to volunteer with other committees as well. She has just recently joined Emerge Pascagoula, which is a team of driven young men and women that promotes Pascagoula as a great place to live and visit.

“I feel Pascagoula has helped me grow so much since I moved back here I want to help take care of this city and its residents,” says Gurley.

Gurley is excited for the future of Pascagoula and has faith in the positive direction and progress that the new city government can bring.

“With our leaders showing so much spirit and motivation to do the right things, I’m hoping that will rub off on all of our citizens to step in and do the same positive things as well, with the same positive outlook,” says Gurley.


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