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Salvation Army Welcomes Majors, Opens Store in Pascagoula

With the new Family Store in Pascagoula and the new MS Gulf Coast Area Commanders arriving, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Salvation Army is solidifying its efforts to serve the community and make the area a better place for all.

The Salvation Army Family Store is located on Denny Ave in Pascagoula and proceeds will go to their social service efforts, such as running the local shelter, the pantry, emergency services and so on, according to Morgan Shiyou, Director of Public Relations for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Salvation Army. She added that this is important to their work as the local shelter is full every night and they don’t turn anyone away.

People can now donate to and purchase items from the store, and Shiyou said there have already been a lot of donations. They’ll have typical thrift store items such as clothing, furniture, household goods and knick knacks. They’ll also have a boutique section for name brand items, and Shiyou said it’s a great place for both back to school and holiday shopping.  

Along with the new store, the lower six counties of Southern Mississippi are now being served by Majors Bradley & Anita Caldwell, the new MS Gulf Coast Area Commanders. The husband and wife team arrived from Waco, Texas, a few weeks ago.

Since arriving, Bradley said they have already started on some repairs at the Pascagoula shelter, and they want to talk with Mayor Dane Maxwell to discuss some other ideas. Their future goals include focusing on changing people’s lives and not just the emergency services that the Salvation Army provides.

“We want to try to invest more in those programs and referrals that help people move on to their own situation and stability,” he said.

The Salvation Army in Pascagoula has church services every Sunday as well as other programs throughout the week.

Anita said that homeless prevention is a key goal of the Salvation Army’s efforts, and they provide assistance to help keep people from losing their homes.

“If we can keep you in your home, we have now prevented homelessness and that is huge,” she said, adding that they are thankful for the support of the local community in these efforts. She also emphasized the residential rehabilitation programs in New Orleans and Mobile.

For Shiyou, the success of the Salvation Army comes down to the generosity of those living in Jackson County: “We couldn’t do what we do without the people in the community helping us. It all really relies on our volunteers and the donations that we get.”

For more information, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Salvation Army, visit their website


Written by Lindsay Mott

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