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Set Free by Grace

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June 19, 2002 is a date that Rodney Darren Williams will never forget. On that day, he experienced a painful event that would mark the beginning of a renewed life. Rodney, who had battled alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years, was blown up while cooking methamphetamine in a small trailer.

During the ride to the hospital following the explosion, Rodney turned his life over to Jesus Christ. Although he knew he wanted to change, he wasn’t sure how do it. Earlier in 2002, Williams’ first trip to rehab at the Home of Grace, a Christ-centered recovery center, ended after only one week.

While spending three months at the University of South Alabama Burn Center to treat second and third degree burns, a local pastor came to visit with Rodney. Brother Bill Barton served as pastor of Wade Baptist Church and also the founded of the nationally known Home of Grace in 1965.

Williams says, “even though I was ready for change; I didn’t know how to change. And God directed me to Home of Grace and they began to give me the tools I needed to go out and live a victorious life. They showed me how to walk in this freedom provided by Christ’s sacrifice.”

Following completion of the Home of Grace program, Williams wrote a book called Club Meth to Christ. The book documents his journey from addiction to redemption through Jesus Christ. “It’s such a great joy in my life, to be set free (from addiction), that I want to go out and share with the world how to be free.” Over 60,000 books have been distributed, with another 10,000 set to be printed this year.

Soon after the book publication, Williams started Club Meth to Christ Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Free books are available through the ministry’s website: Donations to offset book costs are accepted, but not required. Williams doesn’t know how many people have been touched by his book. Free books are given to jail and prison inmates who then pass it along to other inmates to read, spreading Williams’ message of redemption.

The ministry’s main objective is leading people to Jesus Christ through Christian rehab facilities. “Trying to show people how to be set free, to be released from the bondage of addiction,” says Williams. Rodney continues to send people to the Home of Grace for help as well as preaching there at least once a month for the past 15 years.

Williams see the Home of Grace as one of the best facilities in the country. “The Home of Grace has helped so many people. I’ve been to a lot of different ministries, a lot of different rehabs; and Home of Grace ministries is top of the line.” The Home of Grace has two locations in Jackson County: Home of Grace Men on Jericho Road in Vancleave and The Haven located in Gautier on Home of Grace Drive. “Everywhere I go (in Jackson County), people come up and tell me that they’ve been through the Home of Grace program,” say Williams.
Williams says his biggest takeaway from the Home of Grace is staying plugged in to the word of God and renewing the mind. “You have to stay plugged in to a community of Christ followers, which is the Church. We are daily being conformed by the world; it’s throwing all these things, bad things, at us. We must stand on the Word of the Lord.”

Rodney’s story has been aired around the world through a variety of media outlets in over 147 countries; in 10 different languages. The 700 Club also dramatized his story and aired it twice. “God has really taken this message of freedom around the world,” says Williams.

Williams lives in the Hurley community with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children. He can be reached directly at (228) 990-5982 or through the website:


Written by Shelly Robertson

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