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Mardi Gras Madness!

Let the good times roll and test your Mardi Gras knowledge!

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    How many King Cakes are sold during Mardi Gras season?

    • 800,000
    • 450,000
    • 250,000
    • 1 million
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    Where did the first Mardi Gras parade take place?

    • New Orleans
    • Biloxi
    • Mobile
    • France
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    What’s the religious name for Fat Tuesday?

    • Carnival Tuesday
    • Pancake Tuesday
    • Shrove Tuesday
    • What are you talking about? It’s just Fat Tuesday!
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    What are you supposed to do if you get the King Cake baby?

    • Nothing, it’s good luck.
    • Keep it until next Mardi Gras.
    • Buy the next King Cake.
    • Go to the dentist.
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    How many beads are thrown during Mardi Gras each year?

    • Who even knows?!
    • 25 million
    • 15 million
    • 18 million



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