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Test your Mississippi IQ with these 15 questions

Photo courtesy of Steven Gagliano

Think you know the ins and outs of the Magnolia State? Test your knowledge with this 15-question quiz. Good luck.

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    How many people reside in Mississippi?

    • 3 million
    • 4.2 million
    • 2.6 million
    • 5 million
  • Question of

    Which one of these people was not born in Mississippi?

    • Jim Henson
    • Elvis Presley
    • Eli Manning
    • Tennessee Williams
  • Question of

    What was the first state capital of Mississippi?

    • Jackson
    • Oxford
    • Gulfport
    • Natchez
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    Who supposedly traded their soul to the devil at the Crossroads in Clarksdale in order to play the blues?

    • B.B. King
    • Muddy Waters
    • Robert Johnson
    • Charley Patton
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    What is Mississippi’s top industry?

    • Agriculture
    • Manufacturing
    • Tourism
    • Retail
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    What does the word, “Mississippi,” mean?

    • Big Delta
    • Father of Waters
    • River of the Falls
    • Thicket Clearers
  • Question of

    True or False: Mississippi has the most churches per capita than any other state?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    True or False: Mississippi is home to the rarest oyster in the world?

    • True
    • False
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    Woodall Mountain in Tishomingo County is the highest point in Mississippi. What’s its elevation?

    • 1,230 feet
    • 805 feet
    • 1,670 feet
    • >500 feet
  • Question of

    What is the state bird of Mississippi?

    • Mississippi Sandhill Crane
    • Blue Jay
    • Red-bellied Woodpecker
    • Mockingbird
  • Question of

    Besides Jackson, what’s the most populated city in the state?

    • Hattiesburg
    • Starkville
    • Southaven
    • Gulfport
  • Question of

    Which city is located atop an extinct volcano?

    • Corinth
    • Jackson
    • Greenville
    • Biloxi
  • Question of

    What popular magazine is printed right here in Mississippi?

    • National Geographic
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Better Homes and Gardens
    • Vogue
  • Question of

    Is Mississippi’s beach manmade?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Mississippi doesn’t have a beach
  • Question of

    Who originated using the word, “Mississippi,” to count seconds?

    • Mark Twain
    • William Faulkner
    • Andrew Jackson
    • No one knows



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