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With the kids out of school for Christmas break, there’s no better time to take the whole family on a grand adventure in the Hub City. One of Hattiesburg’s latest features for everyone to enjoy is the GeoTour which will lead participants on an exploration of the city and the outskirts of town. It’s a perfect time now to go on one of these adventures and take in the gorgeous Christmas decorations in beautiful downtown Hattiesburg or take in some of the many fabulous locations around the county.

As one of only 100 active official GeoTours worldwide, Hattiesburg is the first to host this exciting adventure in the “Magnolia State.” It features over 40 hidden geocaches waiting for adventurers to find and is a fabulous activity for the family and all who are looking for a fun activity for the weekend or anytime. It’s a really great way to keep the kids occupied during the Christmas break.

If you’re not too familiar with a GeoTour, it is essentially like Geocaching which was a huge hit a few years ago. You’ll feel like a true adventurer or pirate as you are led on a free outdoor “treasure” hunt led by hand-held global positioning system devices or (GPS) rather than a treasure map of days of yore. It’s an inexpensive yet interactive game for anyone to enjoy while they explore the sights and excitement that Hattiesburg has to offer. Using location coordinates, adventurers will find caches hidden through various parts of the area. Like any true treasure hunt, many of the locations will be found easily but others will take a some skill and may be a little harder to find.

According to the Hattiesburg GeoTour, “The biggest reward is the thrill of the search and the discovery of a place you’ve never been.”

To begin your GeoTour adventure, visit to register for a username. Basic membership is free. Simply download the geocaching app to your smartphone and search for the Hattiesburg GeoTour (GT4BF). Then the excitement begins!

Once you begin your adventure, you’ll be led on a search for specific caches. Once you find them, you’ll sign the log and write the code word on your virtual passport. You may log in your triumphant find in the app on your phone or on Feeling like a true pirate on a quest for treasure, you’ll be led to at least 35 hidden caches on the Hattiesburg GeoTour. Once your adventure is complete, you’ll turn your virtual passport in to receive your official geocoin.

The official Hattiesburg GeoTour suggests that recommended times for your caching adventure should be between 8 am and 5 pm. After you’ve finished your adventurous tour around the city and located 35 of the geocaches on the Hattiesburg GeoTour, you may submit your victorious completed passport to receive a “signature Hattiesburg GeoTour geocoin.” To receive your coin, you can mail your passport into the VisitHattiesburg mailing address in care of GeoTour which is listed on the official Hattiesburg GeoTour website. Or you can turn them in daily at several locations, including T-Bones Records and Café on Hardy Street, Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. Or if you go on a weekend adventure, you can turn your passport in at The Lucky Rabbit on Mobile Street, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

The official Hattiesburg GeoTour began earlier this month but will continue throughout the coming year. So, if you’re not able to make your exploration during the holiday season, don’t worry. The adventures continue throughout the coming year. The official rules of the game and any questions you might have about the official caches or local geocaching groups can be found on the official Hattiesburg tour website at

Some of the caches may be a little harder to find than others, but that’s all part of the excitement and fun as you get to explore on your very own treasure hunt throughout the “Hub City.” Typically, the caches will be larger containers, mainly ammo cans, but you will find some unique containers throughout your quest. All official caches will be marked with the official Hattiesburg GeoTour sticker.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new feature in Hattiesburg. Explorers, pirates, adventurers, families, and everyone are invited to join the quest. Adventures await!


Written by Judy Smith

Judy Smith has been a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and publications around the South, including Social South Magazine, Our Mississippi Magazine, DeSoto Magazine, Deep South Magazine, Country Roads Magazine, among others. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Paralegal Studies, Master’s of Science in Mass Communications, and PhD in Communications at the University of Southern Mississippi. And Judy Smith is proud to forever be a Mississippi Girl.


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