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October 26, 2020
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Thai Treasure

“Phra LeeLaa” – The Walking Buddha signifies grace and internal beauty.

Are you looking for a Sunday excursion? Then you must visit the temple Wat Buddhametta Mahabaremme, located just south of I-10 at 6300 Martin Bluff Road in Gautier. Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the worshipers and monks of the temple serve a buffet like no other, which can be taken out or enjoyed on the magnificent grounds of the temple.

The congregants cook original Thai food from recipes handed down from generation to generation. The food is cooked right before you in one of the most impressive outdoor covered kitchens I have ever seen, so the buffet never runs dry and the food is always fresh.

The servers are likely to greet you with a traditional Thai welcome ‘sawasdee kha’ with a gesture of hands in prayer, which is a sign of respect.

The temple is adorned with Buddhist statues, lovely landscaping and intricate construction where you can sit in a covered dining area to enjoy your selection. Basic meals are only around $7 (additional offerings are available) and trust me they are all you can eat. Enjoy great tasting selections of Thai Foods: Thai style egg roll, chicken wings, sausage, crab rangoon, Khao pad (fried rice), satay (marinated, curried or plain grilled skewered meat on a stick), pad Thai (fried noodles) and more. My husband’s favorite is the Curry soup, a spicy concoction of chicken, potatoes and carrots served over rice.

Great atmosphere is an understatement. This is a place of family friendly people who promote the local community. Make it a point to visit on some of the many Thai holidays, such as the Loy Krathing Festival held every year in November. These monthly free festivals offer not only great food but magnificent entertainment where the people celebrate by dancing, singing and playing traditional music. A great way to spend the afternoon learning about Thai culture and the Buddhist religion.

The proceeds from this fundraiser go to expanding and maintaining this temple, a beautiful landmark . The temple started just a couple of years ago as a modest house and has been expanded by the monks and trainees into a gorgeous place to worship and dine. One of the trainees explained to me that origination of the intricate construction is a result of their first month of training where they study about beauty, construction and handyman techniques.

Truly a great Sunday adventure!

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