The Coffee Shop Tour of Jackson County – Part 1

Business Spotlight: Finest Grind Coffee House, Ocean Springs

Alan and Dori Triplett have two families, their daughters, and the myriad of friends that call the Finest Grind Coffee House their home away from home. In Alan’s own words, “we know everyone’s name”. And like any great local coffee shop, this is where people come to sit for a spell, whether alone or with a few of their favorite friends – to solve the world’s problems – again and again 😊.

finest grind
Dori and Alan at Finest Grind

Open eleven years ago, the Finest Grind serves more than just great coffee. Most of the pastries are baked on-site in Dori’s “kitchen”, as are the sandwiches, salads, and soups that are made fresh, using organic ingredients, with smidgeons of pride and love. This is what Alan and Dori say is what makes their second home special for their customers – home baking and cooking, away from home.

On any day of the week, Finest Grind is the destination of regulars seeking their favorite brew, remembered by the staff as they walk in, as well as the “regular” groups that use the shop as a meeting place. From knitting, to photography, to church groups that include youth, Finest Grind is that place away from home to get together with friends and enjoy each other’s company, at any time of the day. Last fall, Finest Grind took on the management of the Lovelace Soda Fountain in downtown Ocean Springs – but that is a story for another time 😊

So, what is Dori and Alan’s secret to success? The answer is a loyal group of employees that enjoy each other and the clientele that they serve. New ideas for changing things up a bit are welcomed and tested to see what works … or not. The “Summer Drink Challenge” is one such idea where customers suggest a new flavor in a fun contest that ends with that drink on the menu.

Beyond the shop, the Triplett’s are also dedicated to serving their community where they can. They help sponsor a “safe-spot” internet site at Ocean Spring High School and support the school’s band and theater programs. They also sponsor hot dog and root beer float socials for local churches and youth groups. Catering is available on a limited basis.

So if you find yourself needing a caffeine pick-me-up in “East Ocean Springs”, a little something to feed your sweet tooth, or a great lunch, look for the Finest Grind Coffee House – tucked just off the road in the Sea Shores Plaza at 2961 Bienville Avenue in Ocean Springs. If you are like the rest of us coffee connoisseurs, this will become one of your favorite destinations – among many others in Jackson County and the greater Mississippi Coast – that add so much to our quality of life.

More on other great coffee spots to come!!! Because, there is always time for a great cup of coffee, at a fair price, made by your friends and neighbors, in the place that we all call home.

Hope to see you at “your” favorite coffee shop soon!!!


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