The Coffee Shop Tour of Jackson County – Part 6 Coffee Fusion – Bubble Tea Café, Ocean Springs

According to Adam Flinchum, Coffee Fusion is not so much a coffee shop as it is a comfortable space that serves good coffee. His goal 16 years ago was to create a community hub where folks could feel at home and not just eat, drink, and leave. “I don’t care if they stay all day,” says Adam. “As long as they feel at home, I am happy.”   But this living space is ever evolving as Adam and his staff is

cofee fusion
Adam & Sadie, Coffee Fusion in Ocean Springs, 

keen to respond to the needs of their customers. Starting out in its infancy with good coffee and the uniqueness of offering Bubble Tea, the menu at Coffee Fusion has grown to include a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. In many ways, this place is more than a coffee shop, says Adam. “It is a great restaurant that serves great coffee.” And the menu is always changing.

The freedom to be creative is what drives Adam, from adjusting the menu to adding variety or new items, to change the décor, because … well, he can! “I can just do it!” And that gives him and his loyal staff a chance to explore opportunities whenever or wherever they arise, both at the original shop at 2228 Bienville Boulevard, Ocean Springs and the two shops at Keesler Air Force Base, where they serve folks at the hospital and the training center where young airmen and airwomen learn to serve our country.   Adam’s reward is to see people come back, again and again. “I love knowing everyone that I see.” Adam also loves seeing a generation of young people grow right before his eyes, as they are coming back now to buy their own cups of coffee, and maybe a Bubble Tea. His employees are often these same young people that work their way to better things by serving up coffee and more in the coffee shop that they grew up with.   For those that do not know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese-based drink that combines cold tea, sweetened milk, and other ingredients, along with tapioca balls that are sucked up with a large straw, making for quite a different experience. You can drink and chew while visiting with friends or family. Or as in the case of our youngest daughter Paula, have it served at her wedding on the front beach, catered by Coffee Fusion. “It was my first wedding”, said Adam, “and I loved it!” He just did it!   Just doing it, of course, extends to the many opportunities to support local schools, churches, and programs across the community with gift cards, coffee, and more, because it is an extension of the sense of community that drives the owner of this and the many other great coffee shops that I have visited. Coffee Fusion is not hard to find on Bienville Boulevard and as with other great community gathering spots, you will certainly run into people you know.

The early Tuesday morning crowd is one of my favorite bunch of folks – solving the world’s problems every week. Oh, and don’t’ forget the smoothies.   More on other great coffee spots to come!!! Because, there is always time for a great cup of coffee, at a fair price, made by your friends and neighbors, in the place that we all call home.

Hope to see you at “your” favorite coffee shop soon!!!


Written by Mark W. LaSalle, Ph.D.

Mark is a naturalist and wetland ecologist, providing expertise on wetlands, water quality and environmental impacts of humans. He has also developed and conducted a number of environmental education programs and workshops for youth, teachers, realtors, and the general public on a variety of subjects including wetlands, natural history, and environmental landscaping. Mark is a graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana (B.S. and M.S. degrees) and Mississippi State University (Ph.D.). Mark is the recipient of the Chevron Conservation Award, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation Conservation Educator Award, the Gulf Guardian Award, and the Boy Scouts of America Silver Beaver Award.


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