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The Plant People Trade

The Harrison County Fair Grounds were jumping this past Saturday with a local plant lovers Facebook group. If you recall Our MS Home posted a story about this blossoming group (pun intended) of “Plant People” last year. The MS Gulf Coast Plant and Cutting Exchange group in that time has grown even larger now with members numbering over 8,000. On Saturday the group held a cutting and plant exchange.

The exchange is a highly anticipated free event. For weeks leading up to the event members would post what they would be bringing to the swap and what they were wanting to trade.  Some even posted giveaway items they created such as homemade plant food.

Participant ready to swap plants.

As a member of the group, I was prepared and excited for the swap. I packed my trunk full of plants to swap with my fellow plant lovers. I was in search of house plants but was open to trades of all kinds. What I wasn’t prepared for was the vast amount of knowledge and plants I would return home with. I was amazed at the diversity of plants as well as the knowledge of those who traded them. If you had a plant question this was the place to be. Succulent, aquatic, flowering, bushes, trees, fruit, you name it someone could guide you.

As I walked around trading and talking, I had the pleasure of meeting several members, such as Rebecca Edenburn. According to Rebecca she didn’t come to the swap to trade but to give away plants and some of her crocheted pot covers.

                                                                              Rebecca Edenburn

1st time swap participant Ginger Wentz came in the hopes of trading for a loquat. She managed to get one and according to her, “a whole bunch more!”

Ginger Wentz

The swap wasn’t just about sharing plant knowledge though it was also about sharing knowledge of pest management. Mr. Bruce Bricker came to the swap with his wife Mrs. Cindy who was walking around doing the plant swapping while Mr. Bruce managed their table full of plants and toothpaste. Yep, that’s right toothpaste. According to Mr. Bruce the best and easiest remedy for a fire ant bite is toothpaste. He said its also great to have around for kids because they can safely administer the toothpaste themselves and relieve the itch.

Mr. Bruce and his fire ant remedy.

According to the group’s founder Wendy Freed over 300 people signed in at the event, which was the biggest plant swap to date.

Participant arriving at the plant swap

Along with the plant swaps the event also had shirt sales, concession and bake sale items. With these and donations from participants the next meet is already paid for and will be held October 22, 2022.  Mark your calendars now because I know the next swap will be just as great if not better. Maybe I will see you there. I am planning already!


Written by Jessica Rankin


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