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October 26, 2020
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“The Quest for a Good Cup: Part 4” – Crazy B’s

Anyone that sits for a spell at any local coffee shop will recognize most of the folks that show up for their favorite drink, breakfast, brunch or that sweet something that they desperately need. That is certainly the case for Crazy B’s Coffee & Confections on Market Street in Pascagoula, where you are likely to hear about all the important “stuff” happening in town. And that is what Jamey Foster says he likes about one of his favorite spots. “You know everyone that walks in the door” – because this is their spot for coffee and more.

crazy b's
Susan Kendrick, owner of Crazy B & Stefani

The “more” for this local jewel of a spot are the kolaches, smoothies, fresh baked cookies, muffins, cold brew, and the King Cakes in season, to name a few. And yes, you can sit a spell or take it to go, as this place is convenient to the local community of schools, businesses, and especially the residents in this part of town.

This latter part of the clientele was a major reason for Susan Kendrick to locate at 1759 Market Street. “I saw a need for a local place that was close to residences in town, especially on Saturdays.”   And as with all coffee shop owners out there, Susan does this because she loves people, good coffee, and good food. She is also an active promoter of her community and its needs. In addition to supporting local school and church groups, Susan has a special love for Adrienne’s House: The Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence. And the young and old are also near and dear to her heart, as the usual collection of groups show up for a session at Crazy B’s on schedule, every week. In many ways, this is the basis of the grass-root support for her place, that gives her the connection that she appreciates. But locals are not the only folks to find this place, as Susan and Stefani serve up coffee and more to a welcomed number of out-of-towners, including many international travelers. “They find us through google, apparently” says Susan, “and we love seeing them come in.” And that is what makes any experience by a visitor special: experiencing local culture, especially around something good to eat and drink, made right there, by the folks that know it best. This is what Susan has done for the past seven years and hopefully for many more.

What about the name of the place, you ask? The answer depends on who you ask of course. All I could get out of Susan was that the “B” is for her daughter Bella. The “crazy” part of the name is up to interpretation. I cannot speak with any credibility here, as I just met Susan, but I can attest to her passion for what she does. How others interpret that is, well, their choice.

More on other great coffee spots to come!!! Because, there is always time for a great cup of coffee, at a fair price, made by your friends and neighbors, in the place that we all call home.

Hope to see you at “your” favorite coffee shop soon!!!

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