The Salvation Army Requests Help to Help Others

The Salvation Army offers many services to those in need. Two such services are the Family Store, which sells donated items, and the housing facility, which gives shelter, provides meals, and teaches life skills for the homeless.

But right now these two services are in need of donations and an upgrade.

The Family Store in Pascagoula, located at 1624 Denny Avenue, has been open nearly a year and already it is selling out of merchandise.

“But that’s a good problem and definitely a win. Right now we need donations, especially for furniture,” said Lt. Brian Hicks of the Salvation Army.

When you purchase something at the Salvation Army it helps somebody in the community.

“Every penny that is spent in that store goes right back into the ministry so we’re able to help more people in Jackson County.”

Besides the Family Store, there is also a facility that serves as a shelter for the homeless. It currently houses 40 people – men, women and children, and they are served breakfast and dinner every day. The facility also offers other manners of assistance to help the homeless population gain skills to become production members of society.

But the facility is 45 years old and is basically falling down so a new facility is being planned.

“What we’re envisioning is that people who come into the new facility will have their own apartment, be able to cook their own food, and learn life skills while they’re there so that when they leave our facility they’re ready and equipped and ready to get out into society.”

Hicks is overwhelmed by the support of the community for the Salvation Army, whether it’s through the United Way funding they receive or through direct mail that comes into the facility, and he hopes the community continues to want to support them in what they do.

“When it comes to our family store your purchase has a purpose. And when it comes to the shelter side, or the social services side, everything that the community brings to us helps us to help others.”

To learn more about the Salvation Army and their services, please visit their website at

The telephone number for the local office is 228-762-7222. You can also inquire about the shelter at this number.

The location and phone number for the Family Store is 1624 Denny Avenue, Pascagoula; 228-205-4255.

You can follow the Salvation Army on Facebook:

Call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) to schedule a pick up of items.


Written by Mimi Bosarge


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