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December 4, 2020
Health & Wellness

The Time to Start Is Now

Don’t have time to go to a gym? Feel like you don’t have time in your day to get a work out in? The good news there is a program where you don’t need a gym membership and will only take 30 minutes out of your day. Thirty minutes to get your sexy on and make a better you. Look at being fit as a lifestyle, not routine. You don’t have to have the abs and gun show to actually be healthy. Don’t judge your results on what the scale says but by the way you feel. 


  • Bodyweight Squats x30 sec – Make sure you are not leaning forward on your toes. Stay on the balls of your feet
  • Push-Ups x8-10 reps – If you need to, do modified push-ups. That is knees on the ground. 
  • Mountain Climbers x30 sec – Stay low. Do not pick your butt up. 
  • Burpees x30 sec
  • Bench Dips x12 reps – You can use a chair, couch, or anything solid to do these on. 
  • Alternating Lunges x30 sec
  • Plank – 1 min
  • Rest: 1:30 min

These will be the seven exercises you do for the next six weeks. Each week will be a different number of rounds you will do. Stay focused. Always remember that you can do this. Do the routine three times a week. On the days you do not do the exercise routine, go for a walk or run for 30 minutes. No matter how far you go, you are to do 30 minutes. During this time, work on the intensity that you run or walk. Write down all your results on paper so you can visually see the results happening over the next six weeks. 


Week 1 – 3 rounds  
Week 2 – 4 rounds 
Week 3 – 4 rounds 
Week 4 – 5 rounds 
Week 5 – 6 Rounds  
Week 6 – 6 Rounds 

YOU got this! The best time to start is now. Wake up earlier in the morning to start a better and sexier you. If you are someone that is going to wait until tomorrow or Monday, you will always be waiting on tomorrow or Monday. Want to look good naked? Stop dreaming of what you will do to make it happen and actually put the work into making it happen. Believe in yourself and make the change. You are your worst enemy.

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